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APIA Studies Core Faculty


Aguas, Francis Tanglao
Professor, Founding Director Emeritus
Office: Boswell 123
Phone: 757-221-2684

Elyas Bakhtiari

Bakhtiari, Elyas
Assistant Professor
Office: Boswell Hall 216
Email: [[ebakhtiari]]
Research Areas: Health Disparities, Cross-National Comparison of Health Outcomes, Racial/Ethnic Inequality, and Immigrant Incorporation

R. Benedito Ferrao

Ferrão, R. Benedito
Assistant Professor (on leave, 2019-2020)
Office: Tucker Hall 117
Office Hours: On Leave Fall 2021
Zoom Office Hours: {{}}
Email: [[rbferrao]]

Gosin, Monika
Associate Professor
Office: Boswell Hall 224
Email: [[mngosin]]
Research Areas: Africana and Latina/o Studies, international migration; Interethnic Relations; Race and gender in media.
Office Hours: Fall:

Hamada, Tomoko
Office: Washington Hall 123
Phone: 757-221-1060
Email: [[thamad]]
Areas of Specialization: Cultural anthropology, applied anthropology, management strategies; Japan, East Asia


Iyanaga, Michael
Assistant Professor of Music and Latin American Studies
Office: Ewell 261
Phone: (757) 221-1044


Jamora, Roberto
Asian Centennial Distinguished Fine Arts Fellow, Adjunct Lecturer of Asian & Pacific Islander American Studies
Email: [[rjamora]]

Kahn, Jenny
Associate Professor
Office: Rm 120 Washington Hall
Phone: 757-221-1054
E-mail: [[jgkahn01]]
Areas of Specialization: Archaeology; Oceania; Household Archaeology; House Societies; Social Complexity; Monumental Architecture and Ideology; Human-Landscape Interactions; Exchange and Geochemistry; Lithic Analysis; Chronometric Techniques


Kitamura, Hiroshi
Associate Professor
Office: Blair 340
Phone: 757-221-3740
Email: [[hxkita]]
Regional Areas of Research: East and South Asia, United States
Thematic Areas of Research: Comparative and Transnational, International Relations, Pacific World/Pacific Rim, Popular Culture and Media

schug picture 2014.jpg

Schug, Joanna
Associate Professor
Office: Integrated Science Center 1095
Phone: 757-221-3891
Email: [[jschug]]
CV: {{, pdf}}


Sheehi, Stephen
Sultan Qaboos bin Said Professorial Chair of Middle East Studies
Office: Washington Hall 236
Email: [[spsheehi]]

Sohoni, Deenesh
Professor, Director of Asian & Pacific Islander American Studies
Office: Boswell Hall 212
Email: [[dssoho]]
Phone: 757-221-2596
Research Areas: Race and Ethnicity, Immigration, Asian American Studies, Law and Citizenship
Website: {{}}


Thelwell, Chinua Akimaro
Associate Professor
Office: Blair 354
Email: [[cathelwell]]
Regional Areas of Research: Ancient to Modern Africa, United States
Thematic Areas of Research: African American, Comparative and Transnational, Cultural/Intellectual, Diaspora and Migration, Popular Culture and Media, Race and Ethnicity

Weiss, M. Lynn
Associate Professor
Office: Samuel E. Jones House 207
Office Hours: Thursday 12:50-1:50 and by appointment only
Email: [[mlweis]]

Wright, Andrea
Assistant Professor
Email: [[w|agwright]]
Areas of Specialization: cultural anthropology; anthro-history; energy infrastructure; labor; migration; security; kinship; India; Pakistan; the Arabian Sea; 20th century British Imperialism; postcolonial states; human rights
Office: Washington Hall Room 119
Appointments and office hours may be booked online: {{}}