Study Abroad

Students interested in studying on-site in the Asian and Middle Eastern region have an array of options offered through the Reves Center for International Studies. From summer programs to yearlong study abroad to tuition exchange programs to self-designed study abroad, international study is within easy reach at William & Mary.

Summer Programs
  • Beijing, China: During this 6-week program, students attend classes at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. They will earn 12 credit hours by taking courses in Chinese language, literature, and culture, with an option to study martial arts. The program also includes a study tour of rural and urban China. One year of college-level Mandarin is a prerequisite. More
  • Goa, India: Goa is a former Portuguese colony, with a rich colonial history that is reflected in the architecture and culture of the region. Indian faculty and W&M faculty will teach courses in the program. More.
Semester Program
  • China: Peking University. During this program, students take classes at Peking University’s Beijing Institute of Asian Studies. Courses will include everything from intensive Chinese language to classes on Chinese politics, economics, literature, arts, and culture. Students will earn at least 12 credits. Students will be housed on the Peking University campus in double-occupancy rooms. Also included in the program cost is a 15-day study tour of historical sites around China, as well as a 6-day mid-semester trip, and several additional weekend trips organized through Peking University. Sites may include the Great Wall, the Yungang Grottoes, Lhasa, Tibet, the Marco Polo Bridge, the Terracotta Soldiers of Xi’an, and several more sites across China! More.
Student Exchange Programs
  • Japan: Akita International University. Akita is a four-year, liberal arts institution in Akita prefecture, Japan. Founded in 2004, it has earned a national and international reputation for its hands-on instruction, globally-minded curriculum, and the scenic beauty of the main campus, located in the middle of an exquisite cedar forest – an Akita speciality. W&M students may apply to study at AIU for a semester or a full year. The tuition exchange agreement between the College of William & Mary and Akita International University allows W&M students to pay their regular tuition to W&M while taking classes at Akita. The exchange program is best for Virginia in-state students. More.
  • Japan: Kanazawa University. The tuition exchange agreement between the William & Mary and Kanazawa University allows W&M students to pay their regular tuition to William & Mary while taking classes at Kanazawa. A national university of Japan, Kanazawa is composed of eight main faculties and a College of Liberal Arts. Overlooking the Sea of Japan, the city of Kanazawa is renowned for its scenic beauty, its rich traditional and modern culture, and its cordial hospitality. It is nicknamed the mori no miyako (grove capital) because it retains the beauty, as well as the cultural traditions, of an ancient capital. More.
  • Japan: Keio University. The tuition exchange agreement between the William & Mary and Keio University allows students to pay their regular tuition to William & Mary while taking classes at Keio in Tokyo, Japan. Keio University is Japan’s oldest institution of higher education and is founded on the principle of academic excellence. Students enroll in the Japanese Language program at the Center for Japanese Studies. There are four levels (elementary to advanced) and students will be assigned to an appropriate level based on the results of a placement test. Students are housed in dormitories or in some cases, with homestays. More.
  • Singapore: National University. A diverse range of courses is offered at the University through its many faculties, including Business, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Science, Arts, and Social Sciences. More.
  • South Korea: Yonsei University. Yonsei is the oldest and most comprehensive university in Korea and is located on a 240-acre campus in Seoul. More.
Non-W&M Programs

Below are links to study abroad programs in the Middle East and Summer Arabic Language programs. Interested students should discuss their study abroad plans with a faculty member in the Arabic section.

Other Arabic Programs Abroad