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Big Bend National Park in Texas

GEOL 310 to El Paso and Big Bend National Park in Texas also serves as a COLL 300 course. COLL 300s are an integral part of the curriculum. This course will connect you with people, places and ideas and will lift you out of your familiar surroundings and deepen the way you see yourself in the world. You will use your knowledge, emerging expertise in framing questions, and communication skills to engage the world in a self-reflective, cross-cultural way.

Objectives: To introduce you to: 1) basic sediment stratigraphy, paleontology, depositional environments, rock deformation and volcanology; 2) geologic mapping of folds and faults in sedimentary rocks; and 3) the history and culture of west Texas and what it’s like to live along the border with Mexico.

Pre-requisites: GEOL 101 or 110 and GEOL 160. Prefer at least one of these: GEOL 321 (Rock-Forming Minerals), GEOL 322 (Sedimentary Record) or GEOL 323 (Earth Structure and Dynamics) but not required. This course is for those who are beyond the introductory level in geology.

Past Course Syllabus