Film and Media Studies is a revision of the previous Literary and Cultural Studies major/minor and Film Studies minor, both of which have established histories of preparing alumni to be excellent and creative researchers, communicators (in a variety of media forms), collaborators, and continuing learners.

Since their founding in the mid-1990s, LCST and Film have graduated about 250 students. A number of our alums have gone on to graduate and professional schools, becoming professors, lawyers, teachers. Some have become businesspeople in areas like IT and consulting in renewable energy. Some have become writers, of both fiction and nonfiction.

An LCST alum is a founder and current CEO of the fundraising website Kickstarter.

Many alums are in the media and entertainment business, in positions ranging from acting to location scouting, production managing to editing, and camera-operating to post-production managing (and beyond). Quite a few live in Los Angeles and work in the mainstream of the media industry. Others are in New York City. And still others are in more far-flung locations, from Chicago to Houston to London, doing things like running media services at other colleges, running post-production facilties, and working in advertising.

LCST/Film and now FMST have an active alumni network, and established alums often have helped new graduates take their initial steps after completing their studies at William and Mary.