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COLL 350

Beginning in Spring 2020, EPC will accept course proposals submitted through Curriculog for pilot courses seeking the COLL 350 attribute. 

The COLL 350 revision and other COLL revisions will go into effect with the class matriculating in Fall 2021. Here is the language approved by the faculty in December 2019:

COLL 350: Difference, Equity, Justice

The COLL 350 requirement enhances students’ knowledge and facilitates their critical analysis of the workings of power, privilege, and inequity in U.S. society and globally, past and present. The goals of the COLL 350 are: 1) to provide students with a rigorous academic space in which to explore differences in perspective while foregrounding reasoned and respectful discussion as the means for achieving common ground; 2) to deepen students’ understanding of justice, equity, and the value-laden processes of social inclusion and exclusion through institutional, cultural, and normative practices that are both historical and ongoing.

To meet these pedagogical goals, COLL 350 courses will: 1) examine social norms, institutional practices, and patterns of belonging and marginalization by exploring race and at least one other key social category including, but not limited to: class, disability, ethnicity, gender expression, gender identity, immigration status, language, religion, sex, and sexual orientation; 2) emphasize respectful dialogue among students as an integral component of the course; and 3) enable critical reflection by requiring students to make substantial and sustained connections between the course material and contemporary life in the United States.

All students must take one or more courses with the COLL 350 attribute, totaling at least 3 credits. For the first four years after implementation, the COLL 350 attribute may be applied to COLL 100s, 150s, 200s, 300s, and 400s, and students matriculating in the first four years after implementation who take such courses will earn credit toward both requirements. Beginning in Fall 2025, the COLL 350 attribute may be applied to COLL 200s, COLL 300s, and COLL 400s, but a course may only be used to fulfill one COLL requirement.