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2019 Revisions to the COLL Curriculum

In December 2019 the faculty approved revisions to COLL 200 and the Additional Domain Credits (faculty language provided below) and to COLL 350. These revisions will go into effect with the class matriculating in Fall 2021.

COLL 200

Each COLL 200 course belongs to one or more of the domains. Each of these courses significantly enhances student knowledge of a specific topic and also calls upon students to think about how its discipline fits into the broader framework of the Liberal Arts. Thus, each course emphasizes ideas and methods central to its domain(s) while also looking outward to one or both of the other domains. To the extent possible, COLL 200 courses also give students the opportunity to put methodologies represented in the course into practice. Every student must take a total of nine 200-level credits, with one course in each domain of no less than three credits. One COLL 200 must be taken in year 2; transfer students must take one during their first year at William & Mary. COLL 200 courses may or may not have prerequisites.

At least 10% of a COLL 200 course should consider the other domain(s).

Additional Domain Credits

Additional credits in the Knowledge Domains: General education also requires undergraduates to take at least nine more credits in the three knowledge domains of ALV, CSI, and NQR, with at least three credits in each domain. 

Appropriate courses in the Undergraduate Catalog thus will be explicitly labelled as fulfilling COLL 200 credit, with specific mention of their anchor domain (9 credits required, with at least three credits in each domain).  Appropriate courses may also be labelled as ALV, CSI, or NQR (9 credits required, with at least three credits in each domain.)