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Faculty Directory

The Department of Economics has more than twenty five full-time faculty members, all of whom hold Ph.D.s in Economics. We are productive researchers in the areas of economic theory, econometrics, macroeconomics, applied microeconomics. We are well represented in the areas of development economics, econometrics, human resource economics, and economic history. We teach almost 40% of the courses in the Master of Public Policy Program. Some of us also teach in the Business School, the Law School, or the School of Marine Science.

In addition, the faculty also includes a number of adjunct and visiting instructors who help expand our course offerings to students.

Berhanu Abegaz

Abegaz, Berhanu
Professor of Economics
Fields: Development, Comparative, Growth
Email: [[bxabeg]]
Office (Phone): Chancellors 335 (757-221-2379)

Lisa Anderson

Anderson, Lisa R.
Francis Thorton West Professor of Economics
Fields: Experimental
Email: [[lrande]]
Office (Phone): Chancellors 265 (757-221-2359)


Baldomero Quintana, Luis
Assistant Professor of Economics
Fields: International Trade, Economic Geography, Urban Economics
Email: [[labaldomeroqui]]
Office (Phone): Chancellors 268 (757-221-2366)

Ariel BinYishay

BenYishay, Ariel
Associate Professor of Economics
Fields: Development, Health, Environmental
Email: [[w|abenyishay]]
Office (Phone): Chancellors 267 (757-221-2375)


Dustan, Andrew
Assistant Professor of Economics
Fields: Development Economics of Education Labor
Email: [[addustan]]
Office (Phone) : Chancellors 232 (757-221-4778)


Feldman, David H.
Professor of Economics
Fields: Education, Trade, Political Economy
Email: [[dhfeld]]
Office (Phone): Chancellors 266 (757-221-2372)

Zhao Han

Han, Zhao
Assistant Professor of Economics
Fields: Monetary Macroeconomics, Asset Pricing
Email: [[zhan03]]
Office (Phone): Chancellors 247 (757-221-2600)

Rob Hicks

Hicks, Robert L.
Professor of Economics
Fields: Environmental, Econometrics
Email: [[rlhick]]
Office (Phone): Chancellors 252 (757-221-3707)


Hiriscau, Andra
Assistant Teaching Professor
Fields: Gender and Labor Economics
Email: [[ahiriscau]]
Office (Phone): Chancellors 464 (757-221-1128)

John Lopresti

Lopresti, John
Associate Professor of Economics
Fields: International Trade
Email: [[jwlopresti]]
Office (Phone): Chancellors 243 (757-221-2432)


Lopresti, Katie
Associate Teaching Professor
Email: [[kelopresti]]
Office: Chancellors 257

Elaine McBeth

McBeth, Elaine
Lecturer of Economics and Associate Director of the W&M Public Policy program
Fields: Monetary Macroeconomics
Email: [[mcbeth]]
Office (Phone): Chancellors 421 (757-221-2386)


McHenry, Peter
Professor of Economics
Fields: Labor, Health, Education
Email: [[pmchenry]]
Office (Phone): Chancellors 256 (757-221-1796)

Jennifer M. Mellor

Mellor, Jennifer M.
Paul R. Verkuil Professor of Economics and Director of the Schroeder Center for Health Policy
Fields: Health
Email: [[jmmell]]
Office (Phone): Chancellors 433 (757-221-1913)

Carl Moody

Moody, Carlisle E.
Professor of Economics, Economics Study Abroad/ Transfer Credit Advisor
Fields: Crime, Econometrics
Email: [[cemood]]
Office (Phone): Chancellors 336 (757-221-2373)


Moschini, Emily
Assistant Professor of Economics
Fields: Macroeconomics and Labor Economics
Email: [[egmoschini]]
Office: Chancellors 258

John Parman

Parman, John
Professor of Economics
Fields: Economic History, Labor
Email: [[jmparman]]
Office (Phone): Chancellors 254 (757-221-2852)


Pereira, Alfredo M.
Thomas Arthur Vaughn Jr. Memorial Professor of Economics
Fields: Public, Environmental
Email: [[ampere]]
Office : Chancellors 356

Rui Pereira

Pereira, Rui
Teaching Professor
Fields: Environmental, Energy
Email: [[rmpereira]]
Office : Chancellors 337

Shi Qi

Qi, Shi
Associate Professor of Economics
Fields: Empirical Industrial Organization
Email: [[sqi01]]
Office (Phone): Chancellors 248 (757-221-4645)

Marty Schmidt

Schmidt, Martin B.
Professor of Economics
Fields: Sports
Email: [[mbschm]]
Office (Phone): Chancellors 261 (757-221-2376)

Admasu Shiferaw

Shiferaw, Admasu
Associate Professor of Economics
Fields: Development
Email: [[ashiferaw]]
Office (Phone): Chancellors 263 (757-221-2369)

Ranjan Shrestha

Shrestha, Ranjan
Associate Teaching Professor
Fields: Development, Health, Demography
Email: [[rshrestha]]
Office: Chancellors 461


Smit, Abhiprerna
Assistant Professor of Macroeconomics
Fields: Macroeconomics Monetary Economics
Email: [[asmit]]
Office (Phone): Chancellors 338 (757-221-4780)


Stafford, Sarah L.
CSX Professor of Economics and Public Policy and Department Chair
Fields: Environmental, Regulation
Email: [[slstaf]]
Office (Phone): Chancellors 317A (757-221-1317)

Nate Throckmorton

Throckmorton, Nathaniel A.
Tang Associate Professor of Economics
Fields: Monetary Macroeconomics, Time Series Econometrics
Email: [[nathrockmorton]]
Office (Phone): Chancellors 246 (757-221-1318)


Twinam, Tate
Associate Professor of Economics
Fields: Urban Economics, Econometrics and Economic History
Email: [[tatwinam]]
Office (Phone) : Chancellors 250 (757-221-2126)


Valdes, Enrique
Visiting Assistant Teaching Professor of Economics
Email: [[evaldes]]

Liang Yin-Herr Economics William & Mary

Yin-Herr, Liang
Visiting Assistant Teaching Professor of Economics
Fields: Economics of Crime Applied Microeconomics
Office (Phone): Chancellors 460 (757-221-5271)