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Each year, the Chemistry Department awards various academic awards, prizes and research scholarships to students. The scholarships and awards have been established with funds from alumni and friends of the department. Student recipients are chosen by the chair of the department in consultation with the faculty.

This table has drop down lists detailing the awards and scholarships available to chemistry students.
American Chemical Society (ACS) Award in Analytical Chemistry
The Analytical Division of the ACS presents an annual award to a rising senior chemistry student. The award is intended to encourage student interest in analytical chemistry and to recognize students who display an aptitude for a career in the field. The award consists of a medallion and personalized award certificate. The award recipient will also be given a one-year membership to the ACS Division of Analytical Chemistry. 
American Chemical Society (ACS) Award in Inorganic Chemistry

The Inorganic Division of the ACS presents an annual award to recognize a graduating senior student whose academic and research achievements in inorganic chemistry is outstanding and to encourage further study in the field. The award winner receives an email that includes a letter of commendation from the Chair of the ACS Division of Inorganic Chemistry. Further, their name is posted on the Virtual Inorganic Pedagogical Electronic Resource (VIPEr) and the ACS Division of Inorganic Chemistry websites.

 American Chemical Society (ACS) Award in Organic Chemistry

The Organic Division of the ACS presents an annual award to recognize a graduating senior student who displays a significant aptitude for organic chemistry and to encourage further interest in the field. The award consists of a letter of recognition from the ACS Division of Organic Chemistry and an award certificate signed by the division chair. Awardees who are members of the American Chemical Society will also receive membership to the Division of Organic Chemistry.

American Chemical Society (ACS) Award in Physical Chemistry

The Physical Chemistry Division of the ACS recognizes outstanding achievement by an undergraduate student in physical chemistry. This award is also meant to encourage further pursuits in the field. The awardee demonstrates excellence in physical chemistry and related fields based on research, coursework, and/or dedication as defined by the chemistry faculty at W&M.

American Chemical Society (ACS) Virginia Section Undergraduate Student Award

The Virginia Section of the ACS recognizes a senior student for outstanding achievements in the chemical sciences. The award is based upon the recommendation of the chemistry faculty for excellence in academics and research. This award consists of a one-year membership in the ACS for the student, and a copy of The Disappearing Spoon by Sam Kean.

American Institute of Chemists (AIC) Award

The AIC was established in 1923 to champion the professional chemist and chemical engineer in academia, government and industry. It presents an annual award to a senior student for outstanding achievements in the chemical sciences and to help them as they advance in their careers.

Andrews Chemistry Undergraduate Teaching Award

This award was established by gifts from Scott Andrews, Class of 1993, to provide salary support to the top undergraduate Chemistry Teaching Assistants during their senior year at the College of William & Mary. Scott greatly appreciated being a TA as an undergraduate in the Chemistry Department. He wished to reward those who also found the position rewarding and who performed their duties conscientiously and with energy and enthusiasm.

Alfred Armstrong Teaching Assistant Award

The Armstrong Award provides salary support to the top graduate chemistry teaching assistant(s) and is made possible from donations to the Dr. Alfred R. Armstrong Chemistry Scholarship Endowment. Alfred Armstrong was both an alumnus (B.S. 1932, M.A. 1934) and a long-serving faculty member (1933 – 1996). He authored the chemistry textbook Qualitative Analysis and Chemical Equilibrium, but was most renowned for his high expectations in quantitative chemistry labs.

Blanton Mercer Bruner – Virginia Academy of Science Award

The Virginia Academy of Sciences generously provides a scholarship to an outstanding rising senior chemistry major. The scholarship is based upon academic achievement and dedication to research.

Albert and Phyllis Cornell Pre-med Award

This award, open to students from all majors, is given to graduating senior premedical students who show great promise to become outstanding physicians. This award was established in 1982 with gifts from Dr. Albert and Mrs. Phyllis Cornell.

CRC Handbook Award

Originally published by the Chemical and Rubber Company (CRC) in 1914, the CRC Handbook of Chemistry & Physics is given to graduating seniors based on achievements in a variety of sub-disciplines of chemistry. This Handbook contains detailed property data on chemical compounds and all physical particles that have been reported in the literature. The wide-ranging reference data contained in the Handbook is useful to all types of chemists as they continue in their careers.

William G. Guy Prize in Chemistry

This award was established by gifts from Dr. and Mrs. Albert Cornell in 1982 to be used for an annual prize in Chemistry. The William G. Guy prize is given to the top graduating senior in Chemistry based upon academic achievement as well as dedication to research.

Merck Index Award

The Royal Society of Chemistry, which is based in the United Kingdom, publishes international journals and books. The Society recognizes excellence in chemistry majors with a certificate, and a copy of the Merck Index reference book. The Merck Index is an outstanding encyclopedic reference source for myriad chemical compounds and is particularly useful for students with an interest in chemicals, drugs, and biological agents.