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Molecules, Cells & Medicine

The video abstracts of research projects done by undergraduate students in molecules, cells and medicine.

Natalie Luffman

Regulation of Testis Stem Cell Behavior by the Novel Gene, Childless Gambino

Elias Nafziger

Characterizing Mycobacterial Promoters for Synthetic Biology Applications

Elise Zimmerman

Characterization of Type I DNA Methyltransferase hsdM1 in Helicobacter Pylori

Beteel Abu-Ageel

Existing Methods for the Orthogonality Assessment of Genetic Circuits

Taiana James

Transcriptomic, Proteomic, and Functional Analysis of Novel "Mycobacteriophagelet" Bernie and Novel Prophage HerbertWM

Luke Ekdahl

Yeast Multicellularity & Impact on “Accidental Virulence”

Benjamin Epley

The Efficacy of QTL Analysis to Predict Adaptive Variation: A Test Using Experimentally Evolved Populations of Yeast

iGEM Team

Assessing the Safety of Genetic Material - (Beteel Abu-Ageel, Avery Bradley, Pinar Caglayan, Alana Thomas)

Marcus Odin

Where is MK-STYX?

Charlie Dobson

The Connection between Cardiovascular Fitness and Running Performance

Marlaina Horewitz

Selective Binding of Piscidins in 3:1 POPE:POPG