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History, Classics, Philosophy & Religion

The video abstracts of research projects done by undergraduate students in history, classics, philosophy and religion.

Annemarie Wolf

Ancient Egyptian Identity in the Early Dynastic

Beckett Hunecke

Global Trade and Local Cuisine: New England and the Iberian Atlantic in the Early Nineteenth Century

Laura Mills

Divided We Stand: An Investigation of America's Dual Psyche and the FBI's War on Anti-Americanism

Jana Considine

Words Bound by Devotion Unseen: Female Monasticism and Religiosity in the Visions of Gertrud the Great of Helfta

Nickolas Boylan

Ethics as Creation; Escaping the Trap of Intuition in Ethical Discourse

Meggie Corcoran

The Reception of Diogenes in the Second Sophistic

Charlotte Lucas

How the History of Whole Hog Barbecue Can Explain Why Black Pitmasters Are Being Left Behind by a New Trend of Commericailization within Carolina Barbecue

Eleanor Renshaw

Cultivation through Excavation: Performing Community and Partnership in the Historic First Baptist Church Project

Allyson Cook

The Political Roots of Lesbian Pulp-Fiction

Heidi Zmick

A Pleasant and Profitable Art: Dance in Europe 1500-1650

Jason Blau

The Paradox of Southern Tolerance

Cara Davis

Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Julia Bowers

Stoa Plates from the Sanctuary of the Great Gods of Samothrace

Cecilia Weaver

Historical Interpretation at James Monroe's Highland, 1975-2021

Sigi Macias

Spreading the “Inestimable Antidoto”

Xincheng Hou

Linking the Continents: Commercial Activities between Whampoa and New England (1800-1812)