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Honors Projects: Wrap-Up

Your oral defense was successful and you have been awarded Honors or some level of Honors. This is a huge accomplishment, and you should be very proud. 

There are a couple of things you need to do to wrap-up your project and save your work for posterity.

Reporting Honors level Awarded

Immediately after you complete your oral defense, you will get signatures from your Examining Committee members on your thesis cover sheet (example). You will then upload a copy of your signed cover sheet here.  No hard copies will be accepted.

Your Honors advisor will report your Honors level using the Certification of Honors Awarded form. Only advisors may submit this form- student submissions will not be accepted.

Both your cover sheet and your advisor's report are due one week after the last day of classes of your project's second semester.

License and Embargo Form

Sign and submit the License and Embargo for Honors Theses Form before you upload your thesis. This form is required whether or not you choose to embargo your work. Your Embargo form MUST MATCH the terms you specify in the institutional repository ScholarWorks (IR publishing options). 

Read more about licensing and embargo periods.

Upload your Thesis to Swem's Archives

You are required to upload electronic copies of your thesis to W&M Libraries' online scholarship platform, W&M ScholarWorks

Complete the Distribution License and Embargo for Honors Thesis form AND upload the final version of your thesis, including the signed cover sheet, to W&M ScholarWorks no later than11:00 am on the Friday that falls one week after the last day of classes of your project's second semester.

You may choose to have your thesis printed and professionally bound, but it is not required. Neither the Charles Center nor Swem Library coordinate the binding of theses.

If you have any questions, please contact [[scholarworks]].