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Honors Projects: Honors 495

You are eligible to participate in the Departmental Honors Program and you're ready to get started. 

Register for Honors 495

When your application is accepted, administrators with the Charles Center will set up the appropriate Honors section with an override and send you an email in August or January depending on the semester you begin. You are responsible for registering for the course during open enrollment or during add/drop.

All Honors application forms submitted before the last day of classes in May will be processed during the summer and you will be able to register during the open registration period. All forms submitted by the first day of classes will be processed during the add/drop period.

For questions concerning registration for Department Honors please email [[cchonors]].

Work with your Honors advisor

You should meet with your Honors advisor regularly as you work on your project. Your advisor can help you plan out your project and set benchmarks so you can finish it on time. They can also help you find resources you need, including funding for your project. 

Their approval is needed before you can continue on into the second semester of Honors, so it is important that they be kept informed of your progress.

Find Funding

Many people do the hands-on research part of their Honors project over the summer between their junior and senior years. It is hard to dedicate time to research and work a summer job. Some projects require books, equipment or travel, all of which can cost money. W&M has grants and fellowships available for students doing research that can take off some of the pressure. 

  • Honors Fellowships support students conducting research for department Honors projects. Students may receive up to a $4,000 summer grant to enable the student to conduct 10 full-time weeks of pre-Honors research. In order to apply for a Fellowship, your application is due by mid-February. Students applying for Honors Fellowships are automatically also considered for Charles Center Summer Research Grants if their application is not deemed eligible to receive the full $4,000. Students should not apply for both an Honors Fellowship and a Charles Center Summer Research Grant.
  • If you need funding for conducting research during the academic year, you may apply for Semester Research funding

Pay attention to funding application deadlines. If you are late turning in your application to the Honors program, you may not be eligible for some awards.

Ready to continue?

At the end of the Honors 495 semester, you will meet with your Honors advisor and look at your progress. If your advisor determines that you are on track to complete the project in the next semester, they will give you a grade of "G." This grade will change to match your final grade for Honors 496 once you complete the project.

If it becomes evident before the end of the first semester that you will not complete the project on time,  you must withdraw from Honors 495. Your advisor will send an email to [[w|cchonors]] so the Charles Center can update its records.

If it is too late to withdraw from the course, your Honors advisor will submit a form (Converting Honors to Independent Study) to change the Honors 495 designation to an appropriate alternative, such as independent study. The Charles Center will then take care of making the change in your registration.