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In its Honors Program the Government Department awards one level of  Honors to student research projects. The projects listed below have been defended successfully, and a copy of the thesis deposited in Swem Library.

  • Student, "Thesis" (Honors level)
    Committee Chair + Other Committee Members
  • Grant Gonzalez, "Competing Conceptions of State: The Government and the Egyptian Islamist Movements - 1975-1997" (High Honors)
    Rani Mullen + Peter Bechtold, Tamara Sonn
  • Darby Hull, "Shifting Federalism: Latino Immigrants & Medicaid" (Honors)
    Chris Howard + John McGlennon, Salvatore Saporito
  • Benjamin Malloy, "The Birth of Comedy: A Comparison of the Role of the Dionysian Perspective, the Comic Attic, and Masking as a Forum of Critiquing Democratic Institutions" (Honors)
    Simon Stow + P.J. Brendese, Tim Costelloe
  • Ryan Marion, "Gangs vs. the Globe: Legal Conceptualization and its Effects on Fighting Transnational Organized Crime" (Honors)
    Katherine Rahman + Mike Tierney, George Harris
  • Meghan McCarthy, "One Goal, Multiple Efforts: Donor Coordination in Ghana and Nigeria's Primary Education Sectors" (High Honors)
    Rani Mullen + Ngoni Munemo, Berhanu Abegaz
  • Mary Moll, "Strategies of Inoculation: Issue Ownership and Entrepreneurial Behavior in Congress" (Honors)
    Larry Evans + Paul Manna, Christopher Ball
  • Amanda Norris, "Explaining the Electoral Stability of the Front National and the Electoral Instability of the Austrian Freedom Party" (Honors)
    Clay Clemens + Rani Mullen, Michael LeRuth
  • Brandon Stewart, "'On the Other Side of Silence': The Study of Tragedy in International Relations" (Highest Honors)
    Simon Stow + P.J. Brendese, Kristi Burns
  • Jennifer Sykes, "Who Wins? And Why?: A Quantitative Test of Hypotheses about Organized Interests" (High Honors)
    Larry Evans + Chris Howard, Carl Moody
  • Marion Harris, "Media and Framing Effects on the EU Constitutional Treaty Referendum in France" (Honors)
    Clay Clemens + Chris Howard, Michael Leruth
  • Dan Maliniak, "Chinese Exchange Rate Determination: Or How I Stopped Worrying and Love the Renminbi" (Highest Honors)
    T.J. Cheng + Michael Tierney, David Dessler, Arnab Basu
  • Rebecca Milfeld, "The Perpetuation of Segregation in America's Subsidized Housing" (Honors)
    Chris Howard + Paul Manna, Mel Ely
  • Laura Mirengoff, "The Rehnquist Court's 'Federalism Revolution'" (Honors)
    Christine Nemacheck + Paul Manna, Hiroshi Kitamura
  • Adam Smith, "Red Over Europe: Democratic Consolidation and Hard Left Communist Successor Parties" (Honors)
    Paula Pickering + Clay Clemens, Tuska Benes
  • Brendan Williams
    Emile Lester + Joel Schwartz, David Jaeger
  • Patience Bosley-Burke
    John McGlennon + Paul Manna, Dennis Taylor
  • Sarah Brown
    Larry Evans + Ron Rapoport, Jenny Kehl, Clyde Haulman
  • Christina Carroll 
    Emile Lester + Chris Nemacheck, Melvin Ely
  • Amy FitzHenry
    Chris Howard + Paul Manna, Jennifer Bickham-Mendez
  • Thomas Gates
    Emile Lester, Chris Nemacheck, Paul Mapp
  • Kimberely Grubb
    Jenny Kehl + Clay Clemens, Ismail Abdalla
  • Mary Hallerman
    John McGlennon + Ron Rapoport, Tom Linneman
  • Justin Kliger
    Clay Clemens + Ron Rapoport, Harvey Langholtz
  • Julie Podlesni-
    Christopher Howard + John Gilmour, Greg Capelli
  • Cara Passaro
    Clay Clemens + Paula Pickering, LuAnn Homza
  • Daniel Queen
    Mike Tierney + Katherine Rahman, Rob Hicks
  • Matthew Young
    Clay Clemens + Paula Pickering, Harvey Langholtz