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COLL 300: Wilson Wewa: Spiritual Leader & Oral Historian

Flyer for the Wewa public event

Wilson Wewa is an enrolled member of the Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Reservation of Oregon, where he has served on the Tribal Council and assists with the Warm Springs Senior Wellness Center. He travels widely for tribal gatherings, funerals, and rituals throughout the Great Basin homeland of the Northern Paiutes, gaining additional insights into Paiute history, legends, and spirituality.

Public Event

We Are Created from This Land: Indigenous Views on Place, Spirituality, and Wellness [November 16, 2016; video]

Fall 2016 Theme: Well-being

The qualitative (and subjective) state of "well-being" gains increasing importance as we move beyond simple survival. Individuals with higher perceived levels of well-being report feeling healthy, socially engaged, and satisfied with their lives; societies structured to promote well-being are likelier to have a flourishing citizenry. What personal, social, community, physical, and environmental contexts best nurture not only the health of human beings, but of all creatures?