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Fredy Peccerelli

Peccerelli FlyerFredy Peccerelli is director of the Guatemalan Forensic Anthropology Foundation. FAFG carries out exhumations of Guatemala's clandestine cemeteries from its civil war (1960-1996) and works to identify victims of massacre and return bodies to families and communities for proper reburial. His engagements on campus will focus on his own journey in this work: his life as a young political refugee in NYC in the 1980s, coming to know about his country's armed conflict, the work of forensic anthropologists in documenting "truth," and his founding of and work in FAFG. His visit occurred September 17-21.

Public Event

September 19, 2018 

Fall 2018 Theme: Bodies That Matter

Whether exploring the complex interactions of celestial forces or contemporary questions of social justice, scholars recognize that all bodies exist within broader systems that create parameters of possibility for their significance and action. Fundamental questions include, how do some bodies exert disproportionate force? How are bodies conceptualized differently in distinct contexts across the globe? What chain reactions in knowledge, power, or organization ensue when new bodies are introduced into existing systems? How do bodies transform their surrounding environments? And how can scholars stimulate recognition of overlooked, undervalued, or alienated bodies?