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Doug Herman: "In the Canoe: Intersections in Space, Time, and Becoming"

(Flyer for the Doug Herman public event

RDK (Doug) Herman combines his backgrounds in Comparative Religion and Cultural Geography to explore Indigenous knowledge and what it teaches humanity about how to live on planet Earth. He created Pacific Worlds, a web-based indigenous-geography project for the American Pacific. In 2013 Doug built his own outrigger sailing canoe.  He has sailed short trips on two Hawaiian voyaging canoes; Hōkūleʻa andHikianalia, and publishes and lectures on traditional Oceanic navigation and canoe-building.

Public Event

In the Canoe: Intersections in Space, Time, and Becoming [April 4, 2018]

Spring 2018 Theme: Sustainability

Conceptions of sustainability range from the static, to the stable, to complex adaptive networks. The persistence or endurance of systems, processes, social constructs, and life itself requires the ability to change and evolve. As we seek to manage relations among humans, and between humans and the natural world, an understanding of sustainability will be vital to local, national, and global conversations and debates.