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Selena Fox: "Rites & Rights: Ceremonies for Justice"

{{youtube:large|DBdWLHYuSAA, Selena Fox: "Rites & Rights: Ceremonies for Justice"}}

Selena Fox '71, priestess, co-executive director of Circle Sanctuary.

Selena has travelled the globe and made an impressive impact on the worlds of Wiccan faith, transpersonal counseling, women’s religious liberty, and environmental justice. Her work advocating for equality began as a student at William & Mary, when she founded the first women’s activist group on campus, and continues today as she leads Lady Liberty League.

Her work as a priestess focuses on the ceremonies of nature and the Nature Spirituality that she has celebrated since 1973.

Public Event

Selena was on campus March 25-29, 2019. Her Campus COLL 300 Main Event was on Wednesday, March 27.

Spring 2019 Theme: Ceremony

Ceremony occurs in many forms and arenas, spanning the natural and cultural, the secular and sacred, and grounding the legitimacy of authority. The performance of ceremony expresses the accepted social order – and can mark transitions in that order – for individuals, groups, and nations. Ceremonies may include religious rituals, such as baptism, marriage, and pilgrimage, and state rites, such as the inauguration of political leaders and the execution of criminals. They may vary in scale from large public rites, such as the commemoration of important historical events or the opening of a new city shopping mall, to small private ceremonies, such as the celebration of a wedding anniversary or a funerary ritual.