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Undergraduate and Graduate Student Publications

William & Mary's strong research tradition leads to a large number of undergraduate students and Master’s students who co-author published research in refereed science journals. Over a typical five-year period, over 150 W&M students have co-authored over 100 articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals read by scientists all over the world. Real research leads to real impacts! For more comprehensive lists of publications, see individual faculty web pages.

Biology Department Refereed Publications with Student Authors Pre-2013

Biology Department Refereed Publications with Undergraduate Authors 2013-17 

Biology Department Refereed Publications with Student Authors 2021

Faculty co-authors in bold
Graduate student**

  1.  Schrage, K.R,*, J.D. Tupik* and J.D. Allen. 2021.  Intertidal zonation of hemichordates in soft          sediments.  Invertebrate Biology.  e12344. 


  1. Brocco-French, K.I.* and J.D. Allen. 2021. Cannibalism of newly metamorphosed juvenile sea stars. Ecology. 102: e03352. 


  1. Feng MS*, Bestman JE (2021) Imaging Mitochondrial Dynamics in the Xenopus Central Nervous System (CNS). Cold Spring Harbor protocols 2021.PMC8357028.


  1. **Humphreys, A., A.L. Gorsky, D.M. Bilkovic and M. Chambers. 2021. Changes in plant communities of low-salinity tidal marshes in response to sea-level rise. Ecosphere 12:e03630. 10.1002/ecs2.3630


  1. Isdell, R.E., D.M. Bilkovic, A.G. Guthrie**, M.M. Mitchell, M. Chambers, M. Leu and C. Hershner. 2021. Living shorelines achieve functional equivalence to natural fringe marshes across multiple ecological metrics. PeerJ:11815.


  1. **Guthrie, A.G., D.M. Bilkovic, M.M. Mitchell, M. Chambers, J. Thompson and R.E. Isdell. 2022. Ecological equivalency of living shorelines and natural marshes for fish and crustacean communities. Ecological Engineering 76:106511


  1. Academia, MA**, HJ Dalgleish. 2021. Osprey nest success: impact of high fish deliveries with low variation. Journal of Raptor Research.


  1. Steele, MA, HJ Dalgleish, S Marino, AW Bartlow, R Curtis, JA Stratford. 2021. Oak (acorn)–weevil interactions across an extensive latitudinal gradient in eastern North America. Diversity 13: 303.


  1. De La Mater, DS**, JJ Couture, JR Puzey, HJ Dalgleish. 2021. Range-wide, intraspecific variation in functional traits and its effect on plant-herbivore interactions. American Journal of Botany 108(3): 388-401.


  1. Heideman, Paul D. and Jessica E. Laury*.   One-minute Presentations with In-Class Public Feedback as a Technique to Address Public Speaking Anxiety and Improve Presentation Skills.  College Teaching DOI: 10.1080/87567555.2021.1913395


  1. ** Qi, Y., Kuang, D., **Kelley, K., Buchser, W., and Hinton, S. D. (2022). Evolutionary Genomic Relationship and Coupling in MK-STYX and STYX Pseudophosphatases. Scientific Reports (submitted August 2021 and accepted February 28, 2022).


  1. **Hepworth, E. M. W. and Hinton, S. D. (2021). The Roles of Pseudophosphatases as Regulators of MAPK signaling. International J. Mol. Sci. 22, 12595. 10.3390/ijms222212595.


  1. **Mattei, A., **Smailys, J., and **Hepworth, E. M. W. and Hinton, S. D. (2021). The Roles of Pseudophosphatases in Disease. International J. Mol. Sci. 22, 6924. doi: 10.3390/ijms22136924.


  1. Rui Yin*, Jiacheng Song*, Aurora Esquela-Kerscher, and Oliver Kerscher. (2021) Detection of Rapidly Accumulating Stress-Induced SUMO in Prostate Cancer Cells by a Fluorescent SUMO Biosensor (2021) Molecular Carcinogenesis. 2021;1‐


  1. Pilc, EM*; Ganesh, S*; Kerscher, O (2021). A genome-wide screen in Saccharomyces cerevisiae identifies Tannic Acid-sensitive mutants. microPublication Biology. 10.17912/micropub.biology.000358.


  1. Haines, A. M., Leu, D.M. Costante**, T.C. Treakle*, C. Parenti*, J.R.B. Miller, and J. Malcom. 2021. Benchmark for the ESA: Having a backbone is good for recovery. Frontiers in Conservation Science. doi: 10.3389/fcosc.2021.630490


  1. Van Dongen*, C. M., L. M. Rakes*, J. W. Moriarty*, S. Mason**, Leu. 2021. First record of Panoquina panoquin (Salt Marsh Skipper) ovipositing on Spartina alterniflora (Smooth Cordgrass). Southeastern Naturalist 20: N19–N21.


  1. Kinser, T.**, Smith, R.**, Lawrence, A.*, Cooley, A.M., Vallejo-Marin, M., Conradi Smith, G.D., Puzey J.R. Mechanisms driving endosperm-based hybrid incompatibilities: insights from hybrid monkeyflowers. The Plant Cell


  1. Zheng, X.*, Om, K.*, Stanton, K.*, Thomas, D., Cheng, P., Eggert, A., Yuan, Y., Puzey, J.R., Cooley, A.M. MYB5a/NEGAN activates petal anthocyanin pigmentation and shapes the MBW regulatory network in Mimulus luteus var. variegatus. Genetics


  1. Nalamalapu RR*, Yue M*, Stone AR*, Murphy S*, Saha MS. (2021). The tweety gene faily: From Embryo to Disease. Front Mol Neurosci. 2021 Jun 28;14:672511. doi: 10.3389/fnmol.2021.672511. eCollection 2021.


  1. Li E*, Saha MS. (2021). Optimizing calcium detection methods in animal systems: A sandbox for synthetic biology. Biomolecules Biomolecules , 11(3), 343;


  1. Beal, J. (2021). (crowd-sourced iGEM publication), Comparative analysis of three studies measuring fluorescence from engineered bacterial genetic constructs. PLOS ONE, June 7, 2021. Included 12 undergraduate authors:, Stephanie Do*, Xiangyi Fang*, Ethan Jones,* Jessica Laury*, Wukun Liu*, Adam Oliver*, Lillian Parr*, Chengwu Shen*, Tinh Son*, Julia Urban*, Yashna Verma*, Hanmi Zhou* 
and advisor Margaret Saha


  1. Price KL**, Presler M*, Uyehara CM**, and Shakes DC. (2021) The intrinsically disordered protein SPE-18 promotes localized assembly of the major sperm protein in C. elegans spermatocytes. Development 148(5):dev195875.


  1. Peterson JJ*, Tocheny CE*, Prajapati G, LaMunyon CW, and Shakes DC. (2021). Sub-cellular patterns of SPE-6 localization reveal unexpected complexities in C. elegans sperm activation and sperm function. G3 Genes|Genomes|Genetics, jkab288,


  1. Morrison, KN*; Uyehara, CM**; Ragle, J. Matthew; Ward, JD; Shakes, DC. (2021) MFP1/MSD-1 and MFP2 co-localize with MSP during C. elegans spermatogenesis. microPublication Biology.


  1. Li**, Y., Bateman**, C., Skelton, J., Wang, B., Black, A., Huang**, Y. T., ... & Hulcr, J. (2022). Preinvasion Assessment of Exotic Bark Beetle-Vectored Fungi to Detect Tree-Killing Pathogens. Phytopathology®, PHYTO-01.


  1. Creed, R. P., Bailey*, G. L., Skelton, J., & Brown, B. L. (2021). The dilution effect in a freshwater mutualism: Impacts of introduced host species on native symbionts. River Research and Applications.


  1. Jagannathan*, S.V., E.M. Manemann*, S.E. Rowe*, M.C. Callender*, & Soto. (2021) Marine Actinomycetes, New Sources of Biotechnological Products. Marine Drugs 19:365


  1. Boycott, T. J.**, Mullis, S. M.*, Jackson, B. E. and Swaddle, J. P. 2021 Field testing an “acoustic lighthouse”: Combined acoustic and visual cues provide a multimodal solution that reduces avian collision risk with tall human-made structures. PLOS ONE. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0249826.


  1. Werrell, A. K.**, Klug, P. E., Lipcius, R. N. and Swaddle, J. P. 2021 A Sonic Net reduces damage to sunflower by blackbirds (Icteridae): implications for broad-scale agriculture and crop establishment. Crop Protection. DOI: 10.1016/j.cropro.2021.105579.


  1. Samuels-Fair, M.*, Martins, M. J. F., Lockwood, R., Swaddle, J. P. and Hunt, G. 2021 Temporal shifts in ostracode sexual dimorphism from the Late Cretaceous to the late Eocene of the U. S. Coastal Plain. Marine Micropaleontology. DOI: 10.1016/j.marmicro.2020.101959.


  1. Rinehart L**, Stewart W*, Luffman N*, Wawersik M, Kercher O (2021) “Chigno/CG11180 and SUMO are Chinmo-interacting proteins with a role in Drosophila testes stem” BioRxiv, doi:


  1. Zwollo, P., Quddos**, F., Bagdassarian, C., Seeley**, M., Hale, R, Abderhalden*, L. (2021).Polystyrene microplastics reduce abundance of developing b cells in rainbow trout (Onchorhynchus Mykiss) Primary cultures. Fish and Shellfish Immunology. 114;111


  1. Quddos**, F., and Zwollo, (2021). A BCWD-resistant line of rainbow trout is less sensitive to cortisol impanat-induced changes in IgM response as compared to a susceptible (control) line. Dev. Comp. Immunol. 116.