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Zoological Film Festival

Students in Jon Allen’s Bio 302 class [Integrative Biology: Animals] created extra credit videos. Dr. Allen notes he received too many to share all, but sent us links to three winning videos and one honorable mention: “I was amazed by the quality and diversity of them. Careful viewing will reveal some factual inaccuracies, but try to block those out. I expect to hear some of you singing ‘Nematodes! Nematodes!’ as you walk down the hall later today!” 

Here are the three winning videos of the first ever BIOL 302 film festival:

{{youtube:medium|e0Xs8TKueK0,ZooBOP 302}}

{{youtube:medium|vXezohX69H0,ANéMALS: The Final Battle}}

{{youtube:medium|ZTkwyO-BHOI,Disney's Protostome Medley}}

And an Honorable Mention (Click on image to link to Vimeo):

Screen shot from the Urchin Show video