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Alumni Updates: 1950s


Below are archived updates for Art & Art History alumni graduating between 1950 and 1959. Visit the main Alumni Updates page for updates received this year.

Mary Curro, ’57 (Studio Art) Molly writes: Well, like Molly Brown, "I ain't down yet!" And am still learning and loving it....have been dipping my toes into Sumi e Chinese brush painting. I was thrilled to receive an Honorable Mention ribbon for my first Sumi e submission at the Norfolk Senior Center's Spring Art Show...a really encouraging surprise. My memories of our tiny art department in those good old days are so dear, and it is a pleasure to see how it has beautifully expanded now. Good work! (Oct 2017)

Mary Curro ’57 (Fine Arts) Mary writes: It was great fun to once again have paintings exhibited in the Norfolk Senior Center Art Show in June. I was in the company of some of the most talented artists in the Tidewater area...all over the age of 55. We're still creating! I thank William and Mary art Department and Theater too for some of the best learning and inspiration possible! (October 2015)

Mary Curro '57 (B.A. Fine Arts) writes: "Well, in the late autumn of my life, I have been enjoying continued publication in each issue of Skipping Stones, a poetry anthology published here in Hampton Roads, and getting back, finally, to doing art, some of which is on display at the Riverview Gallery in Portsmouth. I belong to art group, the Sacred Art Circle, which has a show early every November at the Heritage Store in Virginia Beach. In addition, I continue with as much of my hypnosis practice as I can, as well as an occasional acting job. Carpe Diem!" (2010)

Emma Lou Martin '59(B.A. Fine Arts) writes: "I will be showing at the Holly Point Festival near Fishing Bay, Middlesex Co., VA, Sat., Oct. 9th, 10:00-4:00. My paintings will be a new watercolor series, "Gifts from the Sea" which have been at the Science Museum of VA (Richmond) since July 1. Hope to see you there!" (2010)