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Acadia Solitude


Josh Miner '24 was featured in an article for the Schoodic Institute, Winter Harbor, Maine about his experience working in Acadia National Park this past  "Solitude simplifies reality" summer.

Taken from a July '22 news article by W&M's communication specialist, Jennifer Williams, Josh says, “I feel very fortunate in the collaboration between William & Mary and my mentor Eliot Dudik and the Schoodic Institute here to be able to give me the chance to explore and experiment with art given that it is sometimes a challenging field to get opportunities in,” Miner said. “To have money and time allocated for an artistic pursuit without having decades of bodies of work to show and gallery experience — I just feel tremendously lucky to have this time to grow and develop.” 

Recently, in the spring of 2023, Joshua was awarded second place, by a Richmond VA based juried show called 'Art Works', for the photograph seen below, that was connected to his Schoodic Institute experience.

Award winning photograph by Joshua Miner