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Alum Justin Yedor

Yedor explains how Studio Art training prepared him for a career in Law

Justin Yedor SculptureI first took an art class at William & Mary because I loved woodworking and wanted to Justin Yedor Sculptureget into the wood sculpture class.  Once I met the prerequisites and registered for the class, I was afraid I might lack the artistic talent necessary to divorce wood from the idea of furniture.  As it turned out, the class not only encouraged me to draw on my previous experience, but also allowed me to discover new ideas that I could apply to my other studies.  I went on to do an independent study in wood sculpture, where I was able to further explore the intersection of art and craft.

Art courses present excellent opportunities to sort out and develop ideas.  It was through the study of art that I came to fully realize the importance of craftsmanship not just as it applies to making furniture or art, but to the production of high-quality work of any kind.  I even saw my grades in other courses improve as a result of approaching my studies as a craft.  I have chosen to go on to law school and eventually hope to practice intellectual property law.  I believe that law, a vocation that requires creativity, passion and attention to detail, will allow me to continue to explore the concept of craftsmanship and apply it to my daily work in new and exciting ways.

Justin Yedor
The College of William & Mary ‘07
Duke University School of Law ‘12