A&AH Department Welcomes Ceramicist Mike Jabbur

Mike Jabbur holds an M.F.A. in Ceramics from Ohio University, a B.A. in Graphic Design from Virginia Tech University, was the Studio Director at Santa Fe Clay and Artist-in-Residence at Red Star Studios.  By means of the functional vessel, his work discusses human interaction and shared experience, highlighting actions and events that simultaneously enrich lives and celebrate the positive aspects of being. Jabbur has exhibited in the United States and China, and currently shows at Red Lodge Clay Center in Red Lodge, MT, Lillstreet Art Center in Chicago, IL, Midwest Clay Project in Madison, WI, and Red Star Studios in Kansas City, MO.

Mike Jabbur, Canisters

Mike's Methods of Production

Mike writes, " I work in porcelain, fired to cone 10 in a gas reduction atmosphere.  Every pot begins on the potter’s wheel, but some are altered off the wheel and contain slab-built elements.  I achieve the gesture in my work by throwing in a precise manner, applying somewhat controlled, yet still spontaneous rib marks, then spinning the wheel slowly and stretching the clay from the inside over several passes.  Many parts are left unglazed, and are sanded and refined at each stage of making (green, bisque, and high-fire).  I use a simple glaze palette consisting of a white glaze, a handful of celadon and celadon-type glazes and a black glaze.  Every piece is fired at least twice, once to cone 06 to drive the water out of the clay and increase durability for the glazing process, then to cone 10 after glaze is applied to the ware.  Occasionally the ware is fired a third time for luster accents.  Though my studio practice involves the process of repeating forms, each piece is made with individual care, and no two pieces are ever exactly alike"

To read more about Mike Jabbur visit his faculty page and website.