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Every year there are a number of exciting opportunities for internships. Many of these are listed on the American Anthropological Association's Internship Opportunities page. W&M's Washington Center manages a semester program with an internship component. Your advisor may point you to other, local possibilities. The Department sponsors an internship fair - watch for announcements.

In order to obtain credit for an internship, you should first talk to a faculty member who agrees to be your supervisor for the internship. Together you and your advisor will agree on

  • the number of hours you should work,
  • how you will document your time engaged in internship activities, and
  • what research project you will do as part of your internship.

Once that's decided, complete the College's internship for Academic Credit form [pdf]. You will enroll in ANTH 498: Internships for the summer or semester of the internship. This course may be taken for one, two, or three credits.