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Graduate Placement

It’s no secret that the job market is tight for everyone. Yet in the last decade, Anthropology graduate students from WM have been quite successful in job placements. 67% of our graduates have found jobs in Higher Education or Museums. Higher Ed placements include those at Bard College, Arkansas University, Longwood University, and Queens College among others. Museum placements include those at Mount Vernon, Virginia Museum of Natural History, and Concord Museum among others. In addition, many of our MA and PhD students enter our program in order to find competitive placements in the private and federal sector. Recent job placements include those with the National Park Service, Virginia Historic Commission, US Army Corp of Engineers, British Columbia Heritage Branch, and Department of Transportation (Virginia, Delaware, Massachusetts).

All Student Placements 2010-2022

Academia (Museum) 5
Academia (University) 17

CRM (Private)

CRM (State/Federal) 11
Other, Not Anthropology 14
Total Graduates 62


See below for detailed breakdowns by degree type.

MA student placement:

MA Placements, 2010-2022

Academia (Museum) 1
Academia (University) 6
CRM (Private) 9
CRM (State/Federal) 6
Other, Not Anthropology 12
Total Graduates 34

PhD student placement:

PhD Placements, 2010-2022

Academia (Museum) 1
Academia (University) 6
CRM (Private) 4
CRM (State/Federal) 5
Other, Not Anthropology 0
Total Graduates 16

Progressive MA/PhD student placement: 

MA/PhD Placements, 2010-2022

Academia (Museum) 3
Academia (University) 5
CRM (Private) 1
CRM (State/Federal) 0
Other, Not Anthropology 3
Total Graduates 12