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Diversity Plan


Our vision is to serve as a beacon for anthropology and for William & Mary in embedding principles of equality in all of our activities and engagements within and without the classroom, across W&M, and well beyond. We aspire toward an ideal anthropology that is the study of humanity by all of humanity. We commit to creating and nurturing a community that in its composition undermines institutional and societal structures of inequity which are rooted in Eurocentrism and have long been expressed through white supremacy and the ongoing oppression of historically marginalized groups.


As anthropologists, we celebrate human diversity. We are fully committed not just to understanding the historical legacies of inequity, but to challenging those legacies and seeking social justice in the present. Recognizing that positive change does not come without action and self-critique, we aim to provide leadership within William & Mary (and influence beyond) through addressing and correcting our own disciplinary and institutional legacies, practices, and unconscious biases that perpetuate white supremacy, Eurocentrism, patriarchy, and heteronormativity, among other inequities. This process begins with taking a hard look at ourselves, identifying problems, and agreeing on targets and actions that will be measurable and lead towards positive improvement. Diversity is not just something we value or seek to improve upon, it must be placed at the core of our discipline and pedagogical practice.