Majoring in Africana Studies

Majors in Africana Studies select one of three concentrations. Each concentration studies Africans in their own terms but always in an interdisciplinary and global context:

Each concentration requires that you

  • Take a gateway course (either AFST 150 or AFST 205, Introduction to Africana Studies),
  • Take a methods course (AFST 399, Africana Studies Methodologies),
  • Complete a capstone course (either Honors or Senior Project),
  • Complete a language requirement that goes beyond the W&M proficiency requirement, and
  • Choose electives that are approved for your concentration.

Africana Studies is an interdisciplinary field. You will choose electives from both the Social Sciences and the Arts & Humanities. The Undergraduate Catalog details requirements and lists approved electives for each concentration. You will use the AFST Concentration Planner [pdf] to sketch out how you will fulfill the degree requirements.

You will work with your major advisor to select courses that meet your goals while fulfilling the degree requirements.

For best results, combine your coursework with service learning, study away, or study abroad. Look for opportunities to participate in an internship, civic engagement, or independent research. These experiences give you experience in applying the knowledge you gain outside of the classroom.