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Mia Enriquez

Murray 1693 ScholarMia Enriquez


Herndon, VA (Ideaventions Academy for Mathematics and Science)

Academic Interests

Pre-Vet, Biology, Computational & Applied Math

Why W&M

When I was notified about my consideration for this scholarship, I realized that I hadn’t given much thought to William & Mary. I applied because it was an in-state school and a “good” school. 

I figured, from a financial perspective, that if I got the scholarship I would take it -- it only made sense, and that would certainly make my final decision easier. But I wasn’t sure how I really felt about the institution -- everybody I knew who had gone there seemed so passionate about their school, and the advertising was all focused on “community.” I didn’t think I was the type of person they were looking for: I’m not outgoing, I’ve never painted my face for a school spirit event, and talking to strangers and being social makes me nervous. I was worried that I wouldn’t fit in, that I would feel isolated. 

At finalist weekend, everything changed. From the moment I stepped into the Murray House, I felt at home. I was surrounded by strangers, but interesting strangers, and talking to them quickly became easy. We seemed like we might be old friends. The feeling stayed with me all weekend, a euphoric sense of belonging, and with every person I spoke to I felt more welcome.

I had plenty of rigorous schools to choose from. There were other institutions with great undergraduate research opportunities, which was the most important factor for me, and talented professors. Several schools had equestrian teams I could join. Any school I chose would have been able to prepare me for my future. But no other school had the sense of community I felt that I was missing. Except for William & Mary. William & Mary had all of it. 

Before, I had spent so many nights awake wondering if I’d ever feel certain about my decision, worrying that I would never be truly comfortable at whatever school I chose. My worries are gone now. In fact, I have never been more certain of anything in my life: William & Mary is the place for me. I’m so grateful to be a 1693!

W&M Activities 
High School Activities 
  • Equestrian activities
  • United States Pony Club (C1 certified in horse management and eventing)
  • Research assistant at the Powell Lab at GWU
  • Piano
  • President of the school Spanish Honors Society
  • Antkeeping
Awards / Distinctions
  • Spanish Honors Society (Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica)
  • National AP Scholar with Distinction
  • National Spanish Exam Gold & Silver Medalist
  • National Merit Scholarship Finalist
  • National Hispanic Scholarship Fund Scholar