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Alicia June

Stamps 1693 Scholar

Stamps logoAlicia June


Alexandria, VA (Hayfield Secondary School)

Academic Interests

Geology, Psychology and Math

Why W&M

I’m someone who’s interdisciplinary by nature. I like music, math, psychology, sociology, and art. But I was prepared to tone it down once I got to college — maybe demote some of my interests to hobbies and the occasional Wikipedia deep dive.

That’s not something I wanted to do, but I thought that was what going to college was all about.

So I asked myself the standard questions when deciding where to apply to college: Do they have my major? Can I do undergraduate research? Is it financially feasible? I was prepared to go to college, focus on my major, maybe join a few clubs, and then head to graduate school. I also wanted to make friends along the way.

However, once I visited William & Mary during the 1693 Finalist Weekend, I discovered my college experience didn’t have to be limited in the ways that I once thought.

The other scholars that I met weren't just smart, but they were unabashedly excited about their MANY passions. I had conversations with them about the basics of graph theory, the community structures of ants, and the medicinal uses of the moringa leaf. The professors I met truly seemed open to helping students find a way to pursue their interests.

Finalist Weekend wasn't the first time I had been to campus, but it was the first time I got to see campus alive with people. I went to the You Belong program, then Finalist Weekend, and I also participated in some Day For Admitted Students activities. I even managed to squeeze in time to meet fellow Monroe Scholars. I got a big dose of William & Mary that weekend.

When I looked around at current students and my future classmates, I saw the best parts of people I already knew from home. When I was offered the 1693 Scholarship, I accepted it immediately. I’m looking forward to finding a home and new friends at William & Mary too.

W&M Activities 
High School Activities 
  • Cellist, Chamber Orchestra
  • Cellist, Washington Metropolitan Youth Orchestra
  • Cellist, Pit Orchestra
  • Participant and Composer, Argus Composers Institute
  • Treasurer, Mu Alpha Theta
  • Peer Math Tutor, Mu Alpha Theta
  • Co-captain, Varsity Debate Team
  • Student Ambassador to exchange students
  • Amateur composer
  • Maker of things (crocheting, graphing calculator art, digital art)
Awards / Distinctions
  • The American Psychological Association Certificate for Achievement in Research in Psychological Science at the Fairfax County Regional Science and Engineering Fair
  • Regional Science and Engineering Fair Awards (Behavioral and Translational Medical Sciences)
  • National Merit Commended Scholar
  • AP Scholar with Distinction
  • College Board National African American Recognition Program
  • Certificate of Special Recognition for AP Calculus BC
  • Honor Graduate
  • Certificate of Special Recognition for Human Anatomy and Physiology