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Recommended Courses

The Admissions Committee looks for well-rounded and rigorous college-level courses when reviewing transfer applications. Competitive transfer applicants typically have completed the following courses: 

Mathematics and Quantitative Reasoning 

Natural Sciences (with the associated laboratory)

Social Sciences 

World Cultures and History 

Literature and History of the Arts 

Creative and Performing Arts 

Philosophical, Religious and Social Thought 

Note: Unless students have completed the fourth level in high school of a single foreign language, or demonstrated proficiency through SAT II subject tests by achieving the minimum score required to grant college credit, they must satisfactorily complete a fourth semester course (202 level) in college. 

Here are some examples of strong semester curricula. This is not an exhaustive list; however, it will give you an idea as to the type of curriculum or semester schedule the committee considers favorably.

Example A:
Calculus I
General Biology with Lab
Principles of Microeconomics
Introduction to Contemporary Literature (English)
Introduction to Philosophy

Example B:
Elementary Probability and Statistics
General Chemistry with Lab
An Introduction to Shakespeare (English)
Cultural Anthropology
Intermediate French I

Example C:
Calculus II
General Physics with Lab
Introduction to Psychology
History of Western Civilization
Introduction to Creative Writing (English)

Example D:
Elementary Probability and Statistics
Physical Geology with Lab
Principles of Sociology
Contemporary Moral Issues (Philosophy)
Intermediate Spanish II

Example E:
Calculus I
Introductory Astronomy with Lab
Introduction to Comparative Politics (Govt)
Public Speaking
Elementary German I