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Monica Pinier

Senior Assistant Dean of Admission

Region: All Transfer Students
Email: [[transfer]]

Transfer students can best reach out to me via [[transfer,]].

Who Am I?

To start, I completely understand that my last name is difficult to pronounce – so here’s an easy guide: “Pin-yay” (fun emphasis on the YAY!).

I've called Texas, Michigan, North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Virginia, and D.C. home; however, Virginia takes the prize for the longest stay. I am a first-generation student who had humble beginnings at a community college, transferred for my Bachelor's degree, and eventually earned my Master's in Higher Education/Counseling, where I've found much fulfillment in the past decade connecting with many diverse student populations such as non-traditional, first-generation, LGBTQIA+, low-income, multicultural, transfer, and foster care backgrounds. I want all students to know they matter and belong - and it's my honor to walk and support them through every step of the process. My other large role in life is being a mom to (different in every way) twin girls.

Why W&M?

The energy is inspiring. I love walking around this beautiful and historical place. Everyone is very welcoming and each person brings so much value to this campus. I love that W&M is always striving to improve. It's known for its innovation and excellence. In my experience as a former transfer counselor who would come to tour here often with students, I was always impressed with what W&M had to offer students, and how my students' minds would change from "This isn't possible" to "I can- and want- to go there!". Hearing from my former students who graduated from W&M means the world to me that they had incredible experiences here. 

Around campus, I love that our students are very collaborative with one another and focused on the community here. Students can create their own unique academic experience - whether that includes research or combining multiple programs for a specialized academic experience that truly results in a better-prepared, well-rounded student out there improving the world. Transfer students absolutely belong here!

Why Admissions?

I love that at W&M, admission is a very holistic and thoughtful process. We really want to get to know our students and their stories! It's fulfilling to be an advocate for students and to help students/families not feel overwhelmed by the process. It's an honor working in Higher Education because I love to be a part of the change in trajectory for many of our students and generations to come.

What I do for Admission

I get to work with some pretty incredible students from some of my favorite places.  I truly enjoy getting to know and assisting students throughout their transfer process. As a former transfer student myself, transfers are close to my heart and they absolutely belong here! I also serve on our Diversity & Access Team because I want nothing more than to bring students from all backgrounds to belong and thrive once here. I'm also the primary contact for the Waitlisted Freshman Spring Pathway program.  

  • I love learning about different cultures! I’m a foodie, love to travel, and watch international films. I especially enjoy practicing my Français or Español with anyone who is willing.
  • In my spare time, I like to do marathons. TV ones, that is. I'm always up for a good show suggestion!
  • In my first career out of high school, I was a Veterinary Technician for some time and I will always have a special love for all animals. My french bulldog, Bisous, is my BABY (but please don't tell my Goldendoodle). In addition to my two dogs, I'm also the proud pet parent of two Holland Lop bunnies, a bearded dragon, eight honeybee hives, and a green-cheeked conure.