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Next Steps

After reviewing your financial aid application, we will reach out to either ask for more information or provide a financial aid offer. The offer will include details such as the Cost of Attendance, the aid being offered and other pertinent information.

When Will I Be Notified?

Notification emails are sent at different times depending on the type of student. You can also log in to Banner Self-Service via to view your aid.

Notification timetable by student type

Type of Student

Estimated Time for Financial Aid Package Emails

Entering First-Year Students

One week to 10 days after acceptance

Entering Transfer Students

One week to 10 days after acceptance

Returning Undergraduate Students

Late June

Entering Law Students


Returning Law Students

Late April

Entering MBA Students


Returning MBA Students

Late June

Education & VIMS Graduate Students

Late June

Art & Sciences Graduate Students

Late June

Set a Passphrase

Passphrase is a verification system designed to verify the identity of individuals requesting information from student education records. No information from student education records may be disclosed without the consent of the student or an applicable exemption under the student records privacy policy.

  • The student will get their Passphrase through Banner Self-Service via when they complete the Personal Information Questionnaire.
  • The student can provide contact information within the Personal Information Questionnaire for each person they wish to have access/communication rights, and those individuals will be emailed their own unique Passphrase words.
  • Parent Proxy is not the same as the Passphrase.
  • Additional Passphrase information and set-up instructions can be found on the Dean of Student's website.
Verification and FAFSA Revisions

Verification ensures the accuracy of your financial aid application prior to providing a financial aid offer. Additional documentation may be needed to clarify and/or resolve any discrepant information. The verification process will require the submission of some of the documents that were used to complete the financial aid applications (i.e., tax returns, W2s, etc.). Verification also allows for additional details about household information and resources that may not have been reflected on the application.

The financial aid office reserves the right and may be obligated to revise your FAFSA application after reviewing the documentation that has been submitted. These revisions may impact the outcome of your original FAFSA submission. This process may allow us to fix mistakes that were limiting a student's aid eligibility.

Appeal for Special Circumstances

Circumstances may have changed since completing your financial aid application (i.e., involuntary loss of income). Unforeseen events may also have affected your family’s resources to assist with education expenses (i.e., high medical bills). You can submit a formal appeal (PDF) for a reconsideration of financial aid eligibility if you have a qualifying circumstance. The appeal documentation will be reviewed by an appeal committee and you will be notified of the outcome of the appeal after their review. Additional financial aid is not guaranteed.