School of Education Strategic Discovery Meeting Participants

On November 8, 2007, members of the mStoner team facilitated a series of meetings at the W&M School of Education as part of the strategic discovery phase of the College's web redesign project. Individuals invited to participate in small group meetings at the School of Education are listed below. Read about strategic discovery meetings for the College held on September 18 - 20, 2007.

Don't see your name here? Remember, this is only the beginning of the web redesign project. mStoner and the re.web project team will host more events including town hall meetings and focus groups. We always hope you will give us your feeback.

  • Virginia L. McLaughlin, Dean and Chancellor Professor of Education
  • Thomas J. Ward, Associate Dean, Academic Programs/Professor of Education
  • Jennifer Putnam, Director of Budget and Personnel
Admissions and Enrollment
  • Dorothy S. Osborne, Director of Admission and Financial Aid
  • Gwendolyn Pearson, Graduate Registrar
  • Carol Sheffler, Assistant Director of Admission and Financial Aid
  • Suzanne Thompson, Assessment Coordinator
  • Patty Purish O'Neill, Director of Development
  • Christine Baron, Development Associate
School of Education Faculty
  • George Bass, Associate Professor of Education
  • Mike DiPaola, Associate Professor of Education
  • Judi Harris, Pavey Family Chair in Educational Technology
  • Mark Hofer, Assistant Professor of Education
  • Charles McAdams, Associate Professor & Co-Director of Counseling Education Center
  • John Moore, Associate Professor of Education
  • Jeremy Stoddard, Assistant Professor of Education
  • Megan Tschannen-Moran, Wakefield Distinguished Associate Professor
Programs and Centers
  • Victoria Foster, New Horizons
  • Lori Korinek, Training and Technical Assistance Center
  • Pat Popp, Project HOPE
  • Jan Rozzelle, School Leadership Institute
  • Gina Thorne, Historic Triangle Substance Abuse Coalition
  • Joyce VanTassel-Baska, Center for Gifted Education
Student Services
  • Rebecca Beasley, Director, Learning Resource Center
  • Deborah Walker, Director of Professional Services
School of Education Students
  • Misty Kirby
  • Cristin Toutsi
  • Holly Agati
  • Angela Peters