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Suspicious Package

Letters and packages of most any shape and size can be made into lethal weapons using hazardous biological, chemical, energetic or incendiary materials. Below are some typical characteristics that should make you suspicious that a letter or package could be dangerous:

  • Powdery residue or material on the outside.
  • Arrives unexpectedly or comes from someone unfamiliar to you.
  • Sent with excessive postage, handwritten or poorly typed addresses, has incorrect titles or uses only titles with no names, or has misspellings of common names.
  • Addressed to someone who is no longer at that location or is otherwise outdated.
  • No return address given or uses a non-verifiable address.
  • Unusual weight for the size of the letter or package. Also could be lopsided or oddly shaped.
  • Wrapped with an excessive amount of tape.
  • Displays delivery restrictions such as “Personal for” or “Confidential”.
  • Strange odor or stains on the envelope, box or wrapping.

If you find or have received a suspicious package or letter:

  • Do not touch it, smell it, dunk it in water or move it.
  • Evacuate the building and call 911*.

*Do not use a mobile phone, walkie-talkie or other signal generating appliances within 300 feet of the package.