Gas Leaks - Fumes - Vapors

If you smell natural gas or any other fumes or vapors immediately leave the area and call 911.

Tell the operator who you are, where you are and where you smelled the odor.

Provide any information you may know about odor, or any other hazardous materials possibly in the building.

If you are instructed to evacuate:
  • Leave ventilation systems running unless instructed by fire or safety officials to shut them off.
  • Quickly turn off all flame and spark producing equipment in the area (i.e. Bunsen burners, calorimeters, atomic absorption).
  • Leave the area as soon as possible. If you can, help others who require assistance to evacuate. If you are not able to assist, tell rescuers where you last saw them. When possible, use enclosed stairways to exit if you are not on the building entrance level. Go to your designated gathering point to be checked off the attendance sheet.
  • Do not go back inside the building until it is declared safe by fire and safety officials.