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Richard Bland College Committee

John P. Rathbone, Chair
Brian P. Woolfolk, Vice Chair
Stephen J. Huebner
Barbara L. Johnson
Anne Leigh Kerr
Thomas K. Norment, Jr.
Ardine Williams
Daniel Franke, faculty representative
Kylie McCoy, student representative
Debbie L. Sydow

The Richard Bland College Committee considers and makes recommendations on matters affecting educational policies, instructional faculty affairs and appointments, including academic tenure, executive appointments, and the academic organization of the College, and advises the President of the College on matters of personnel policy in regard to members of the instructional faculty and other employees. The Committee serves as the Board contact with faculty and student liaisons. The Committee considers and makes recommendations concerning the financial affairs of the College, which includes the submission and approval of any and all budgets and the administration of the financial policies and procedures established by the Board. The Committee considers and makes recommendations on all matters relating to the buildings and grounds of Richard Bland College, including the naming of buildings; the administrative operations of the College, including human resources policy in regard to classified employees and other non-instructional faculty members; information technology; procurement; and any other matters referred to it by the Rector or the President. The Committee consults with the President concerning the ways and means of promoting Richard Bland's advancement and fostering the relationship between the College and its communities and friends. The Committee considers and makes recommendations on policies fostering fundraising, lifelong relationships and connections between Richard Bland and its alumni. The Committee performs an annual evaluation of the President of Richard Bland College during the Board's annual meeting for recommendation to the full Board. The nonvoting, advisory student and faculty representatives from the College serve as ex officio members of the Committee. The President of the College staffs the Committee.