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Task Force Members

Ginger Ambler, Vice President for Student Affairs, Task Force Chair [[vmambl]]

Kiersten Boyce, Chief Compliance Officer, Title IX/ADA Coordinator  [[klboyc]]

Deb Cheesebro, Chief of Campus Police [[dcheesebro]]

David Dessler, Associate Professor of Government [[dadess]]

Jodi Fisler, Director of Student Affairs Planning & Assessment  [[jxfisl]]

Eric Garrison, Assistant Director of Health Promotion [[emgarrison]]

Dave Gilbert, Associate Dean of Students, Director of Student Conduct [[dmgil2]]

Chon Glover, Chief Diversity Officer [[wfglov]]

Alex Greenspan, Class of 2015 [[e|ajgreenspan]]

Susan Grover, Vice Provost for Academic & Faculty Affairs [[ssgrov]]

Peel Hawthorne, Associate Athletic Director for Student Services [[pshawt]]

Donna Haygood-Jackson, Senior Assistant Dean of Students, Care Support Services [[dghayg]]

Rowan Lockwood, Associate Professor of Geology [[rxlock]]

Deb Love, University Counsel  [[dalove]]

Jenny Putzi, Director, Gender, Sexuality & Women's Studies [[jlputz]]

Helis Sikk, Graduate Student, American Studies  [[e|hsikk]]

Marjorie Thomas, Dean of Students [[mthomas]]

Mallory Tucker, Class of 2015 [[e|mmtucker]]

Cynthia Ward, Professor, School of Law [[cvward]]

Carla Costello, President's Office, Staff to the Task Force [[cacostello]]