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About the Series

The Research in Progress: STEM Talks Seminar Series is funded by the Office of the Provost and the Arts & Sciences Dean's Office. The goal of this series is to provide a forum for early-career faculty from Arts & Sciences to present novel research ideas they are pursuing. This venue brings together research-active W&M faculty who are eager to share their creative research ideas and projects and are seeking feedback, discussion, collaboration, and community amongst their peers. The series focuses on novel ideas, and preliminary data rather than completed stories or funded projects. We believe that by fostering interactions between research-active faculty we can reduce research silos and further "strengthen W&M’s research ecosystem to spark new discovery"; a goal of Vision 2026.

Supported by the Office of the Provost and Arts & Sciences.

William & Mary Assistant Professor of Chemistry Izzy Taylor

Previous Talk: Dr. Izzy Taylor

Dr. Izzy Tayloran Assistant Professor of Chemistry, presented Revolutionizing Antibiotics: Silencing Bacteria to Combat Resistance.

William & Mary Assistant Professor of Psychological Sciences Xiaowen Xu

Previous Talk: Dr. Xiaowen Xu

Dr. Xiaowen Xu, an Assistant Professor of Psychological Sciences, presented Key Issues of the 2022 Midterm Election: Who Cared About What and Why?

Stephanie Caligiuri

Previous Talk: Dr. Stephanie Caligiuri

Dr. Stephanie Caligiurian Assistant Professor of Kinesiology, presented Feeding the Synapses: Nutritional Strategies for a Resilient Mind.

Isaiah Speight of the William & Mary Chemistry Department

Previous Talk: Dr. Isaiah Speight

Dr. Isaiah Speight, an Assistant Professor of Chemistry, presented Smashing Sustainability: Three Approaches to Sustainable Science.