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On Campus Resources

On campus resources for students
Office of the Dean of Students

The Dean of Students office works to help students achieve success in their academic and personal lives. This includes managing the student conduct system and academic support services, running orientation, providing support and case management for students with extenuating personal circumstances, sexual assault and other trauma, and medical contracts; providing services for students with documented disabilities, and working with faculty members regarding student issues and conduct. 

The Counseling Center

The Counseling Center offers a range of mental health services to students wanting help with personal concerns. Our staff specializes in the developmental issues and clinical concerns common to college students such as relationship and family issues, academic and personal stress, identity development and personal growth. Our services include outreach and presentation activities; individual, couples, and group therapy; as well as consultation to friends, faculty, and parents/guardians concerned about a student in distress. Students wishing to use our services can do so at no charge by calling for an initial assessment appointment.

With respect to services for neurodivergent students, the Counseling Center offers two groups. The Neurodiversity Process Group is a group for students who identify as neurodiverse and struggle with all or some of the following: social awkwardness, picking up and interpreting social cues and nonverbal communication, the give and take of communication, expressing emotion, making friends, or talking to romantic interests. This group attempts to help members gain insight into the many and varied ways that neurodivergence shows up for them that can be beneficial as well as an opportunity for growth. The Neurodiversity Support Group offers the opportunity to explore social interactions, communication styles, relationships, and more, in a small, supportive environment.

Neurodiversity Working Group

The Neurodiversity Working Group includes administrators, faculty, and staff sensitive to the talents and challenges of neurodivergent students. Anyone in the Working Group can field inquiries from students and their families, but you might start with members of the executive committee: Josh Burk, Cheryl Dickter, and Janice Zeman.

Student Accessibility Services

The mission of Student Accessibility Services (SAS) at William & Mary is to create a barrier-free environment for matriculated students with disabilities by considering reasonable accommodation upon request on an individual and flexible basis. SAS strives to foster student independence, encourage self determination, emphasize accommodation over limitation, and create a comprehensive, accessible environment to ensure that individuals are viewed on the basis of ability, not disability.

Career Development & Professional Engagement

As partners in the educational process, the career center will support students and alumni through access to comprehensive career development programs, services, connections, and resources, empowering them to pursue their post-graduate plans and navigate lifelong career changes.

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On Campus Resources for Faculty

The Neurodiversity Working Group regularly holds campus presentations for departments and groups about meeting the opportunities and challenges of Neurodiversity. Contact members of the Working Group to schedule a presentation.  See also the resources we have developed for faculty Resouces for Faculty 

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