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Supporters & Thank Yous

We wish to thank the following individuals and organizations for their generous support:
  • Michael R. Halleran, Provost
  • Kate Conley, Dean of the Faculty of Arts & Sciences
  • IDEAS Grant, Center for Student Diversity
  • Boswell Initiative
  • Lyon G. Tyler Department of History
  • Roy R. Charles Center for Academic Excellence
  • National Institute for American History and Democracy (NIAHD)
  • Earl Gregg Swem Library
  • Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies Program
  • American Studies Program
  • William & Mary Law School
Special Thanks to our wonderful undergraduate researchers:

2016-2017: Danya Abdel-Hameid, Bre Adey, Kenya Allen, Maggie Armstrong, Kate Avery, Katie Baldwin, Madalyn Bell, Emma Bresnan, Jakob Cordes, Dan Delmonaco, Molly Duke, Lauren Dybel, Maya Farr-Henderson, Hannah Ferster, Sylvia Greer, Anatolia Hodson, Melissa Hudson, Karla Kaplan, Morgan Lawrence, Amanda Luketich, Alyssa Luz-Ricca, Taylor Medley, Zach Meredith, Roxanne Moran, Juliana Morrison, Brayon Nichols, Hayes Parker-Kepchar, Allison Ramirez, Sarah Rodriguez, Parker Ronquest, Juliana Santanna, Emma Tainter, Erin Wall, Lewen Wang, Kayleigh Webster, Rebecca Weinberg, Julia Wicks, Steven Young, Sam Yu, and Yutong Zhan

2016: Kenya Allen, Andrea Ayres, Alex de Gala, Dan Delmonaco, Sylvia Greer, Noella Handley, Ada Hao, Anatolia Hodson, Karla Kaplan, Jui Kothare, Aiesha Krause-Lee, Taylor Medley, Nic Querolo, Ming Siegel, and Sam Yu