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The Lemon Project Society

The Lemon Project: A Journey of Reconciliation's undergraduate and graduate student volunteer group is called The Lemon Project Society.

The Spring 2024 application is open and will close on April 15, 2024. Students who apply in Spring 2024 will start with LPS in Fall 2024. 

Apply here.

The Lemon Project Society is a student volunteer organization that:

  • supports the Lemon Project’s efforts to rectify wrongs perpetrated against African Americans by William & Mary and to build bridges between the University and Williamsburg and Greater Tidewater area
  • facilitates academic and extracurricular opportunities for students
The Lemon Project Society provides students with academic opportunities to build skills in the following areas:
  • research projects and public history
    • serve as ambassadors of the Lemon Project to their fellow students & community members
    • perform research on African American history at William & Mary and beyond
  • community engagement
    • interacting with community at LP symposium and other events
    • working to build positive campus climate
  • team building
    • working together toward common goals
  • networking
    • one on one networking opportunities with Porch Talk speakers, symposium speakers, & W&M faculty members
  • digital curation
    • assist with social media posts/blog posts based on your research and work
Students are expected to attend and volunteer at the annual Lemon Project Symposium, the Donning of the Kente, Lemon’s Legacies Porch Talks, & other events.


Expectation of 10 hours of volunteer time a semester, as reported to LPS Advisor.
  • Assist with Lemon Project research projects & digital curation
  • Post flyers for LP events a semester & share social media posts
  • Volunteer as ushers at DOK
  • Preparations for LP symposium
  • Volunteer and/or attend the LP symposium
  • Attend at least two LP events

Questions?  Email [[w|lemon]].