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President Reveley, January 16, 2013


W&M Due Diligence Committee recommends pilot partnership with EVMS. {{http://www.wm.edu/sites/evms/_documents/evms_committee_final_report_12-12-12.pdf,View the committee's report}} (pdf).

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Dear William & Mary Community,

Let me update you on W&M's exploration of a possible merger with Eastern Virginia Medical School. Last month, I received the report from the Due Diligence Committee charged to consider this issue. View the report (pdf) and an accompanying story.

Our Due Diligence Committee concluded that it is too early to decide on a merger between the university and EVMS and, instead, recommended a two-step approach to continue this exploration:  develop a pilot program between W&M and EVMS and its clinical affiliates in the area of "health care delivery science" and, based in part on how this pilot program goes, recommend the most appropriate relationship of the university and EVMS. I agree with the committee's conclusions. This next phase of exploration will take 12 to 18 months. It might loosely be compared to a period in which the two schools will "date" to help determine whether something more lasting has merit for each.  

Our Board of Visitors has directed us to proceed along these lines and seek funding from the State and the clinical affiliates of EVMS to help support the effort. We and EVMS are pursuing these opportunities. I am pleased to report that the Governor has submitted a budget amendment that would provide some funding.

I will report further from time to time.   

Taylor Reveley