The Daily Work of Justice

The Daily Work of Justice is a conversation series that invites people directly involved in an issue to share their lived experience, as a way of providing space for others to engage with empathy, understanding, and action. It was created collaboratively by people from diverse units across William & Mary​.

Our focus for spring 2019 is addiction. Over the course of three weeks, we will examine the topic from three perspectives:

  • February 5, 6:30-8 Sadler, Chesapeake RSVP 
    • People who have experienced addiction first-hand
  • February 12, 6:30-8 Sadler, Tidewater RSVP
    • People who work within treatment, recovery, medical, legal, and other systems that address addiction and support those affected 
  • February 19, 6:30-8 Sadler, Tidewater RSVP
    • People who work to make change to systems and communities, including prevention specialists, advocates, legislators, philanthropists, journalists, and others 

Participants will gather around tables, and after a brief introduction, will participate in small group conversations. A guest speaker with personal experience in the issue (as described above) and a facilitator will be at each table. 

 The Daily Work of Justice series began in 2017 with a focus on the criminal justice system.