The Daily Work of Justice

The Daily Work of Justice is a conversation series that invites people directly involved in an issue to share their lived experience, as a way of providing space for others to engage with empathy, understanding, and action. It was created collaboratively by people from diverse units across William & Mary​.

Our focus for 2017 is the criminal justice system. Over the course of three weeks, we will examine the system from three perspectives:

  • February 2: People who have experienced the criminal justice system first-hand (including formerly incarcerated persons, persons who have been charged, family members of those in the system)
  • February 9: People who work within the criminal justice system (including police officers, judges, attorneys, and other law enforcement and judiciary representatives)
  • February 16: People who walk alongside those in criminal justice system (including advocates, chaplains, and those with nonprofit support programs)

Participants will gather around tables, and after a brief introduction, will participate in small group conversations. A guest speaker with personal experience in the issue (as described above) and a facilitator will be at each table. Learn more about our guest speakers in preparation for the conversation.

This program is funded by the Catalyst Fund of Student Leadership and Engagement at W&M.