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The Student Health Center (SHC) Laboratory is staffed by one full-time Medical Technologist and two part-time Medical Laboratory Technicians.

The laboratory performs a wide variety of tests that may be ordered by a SHC provider to assist them in determining the correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment for your condition or disease. These test results are usually available on the same day as the SHC visit.

  • There is a nominal fee for all laboratory services (see charges) but our fees are competitive. Some lab tests can be performed at the SHC by our clinical staff, while others must be referred to an outside lab to be processed. The results of the test will be reviewed with the patient by either a nurse or the ordering provider.

As a courtesy, the SHC Laboratory staff may draw tests ordered by an outside medical provider, but these tests cannot be performed at the SHC lab and must be sent to an outside Reference Laboratory.

  • Outside lab orders must be dropped off at the Student Health Center or faxed to (757) 221-1245 for approval prior to scheduling a lab appointment.  Once the request has been approved, students will be notified via email to schedule an appointment with the lab.
  • There is a SHC phlebotomy (venipuncture) fee for drawing outside labs.
  • Complete insurance information must be presented at the time the lab tests are drawn; a copy of the insurance card is preferred.
  • If no insurance information is available, the student will be billed directly by the Reference Lab for the entire amount and then you can submit the bill to your insurance company for possible reimbursement.
  • Please check your insurance coverage prior to testing to see if a specific Reference Laboratory is required and notify the lab staff accordingly before the lab test is drawn.

For comments, questions, or concerns regarding the SHC Laboratory, please call (757) 221-2192.