Staff Directory


Summer 2015

The Counseling Center staff consists of mental health professionals, including psychologists, counselors, and social workers. All are trained and experienced in dealing with issues facing university students. Doctoral candidates in clinical and counseling psychology, working under close supervision, also provide counseling services. A sports psychology consultant is available for students interested in learning cognitive strategies to enhance their athletic or academic performance. These appointments are made by a referral from the staff.

Full-Time Staff

Carina Sudarsky-Gleiser, Ph.D. - Interim Director; Associate Director, Director of Training
Education: 1995 - The Ohio State University, Counseling Psychology; Commonwealth of Virginia, Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Interests: Individual and group counseling, training and supervision, multicultural counseling, women's issues, eating disorders. Fluent in Spanish.

Felicia Brown-Anderson, Psy.D. – Staff Therapist
Education: 2003 – James Madison University, Clinical Psychology
Interests: Multicultural issues, Multiracial identity development, self-care planning, women’s issues, group therapy, and training and supervision.

Kevin Clancey, Psy.D. – Staff Psychologist
Education: 2014 - The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Clinical Psychology; Commonwealth of Virginia, Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Interests: Individual and group psychotherapy, the impostor syndrome, existential concerns, grief/loss, active mindfulness, transpersonal psychology, LGBTQ issues, the use of language and metaphors, and training and supervision.

Deidre Connelly, Ph.D. - Certified Consultant, Association for Applied Sport Psychology
Education: 1986 - University of Virginia, Sport Psychology
Interests: Sport Psychology, performance enhancement, stress management, personal success skills, management of test anxiety, mindfulness training, optimizing mindset

Christine Ferguson, M.Ed. - Mental Health Services Coordinator
Education: 2006 - Springfield College, Marriage & Family Therapy; Commonwealth of Virginia, Licensed Professional Counselor; 2010 - Columbia College Chicago, Dance Movement Therapy; 2016- Duke Integrative Medicine, Integrative Health Coach
Interests: Body/mind connection, crisis interventions, emotional health awareness/health coaching, and alternative therapies in the treatment of emotional and physical wellness.

Jennifer Floor, Psy.D - Staff Psychologist
Education: 2010 - The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Commonwealth of Virginia, Licensed Clinical Psychologist.
Interests: Individual psychotherapy, trauma and recovery, grief and loss, women's issues, family of origin concerns, relationship issues and training and supervision.

Patrick S. Hudgins, Psy.D. – Staff Therapist
Education: 2005 - The Virginia Consortium Program in Clinical Psychology, Clinical Psychology.
Interests: Individual therapy, personal growth and development, family of origin concerns, multi-cultural issues (identity, ethnicity, social justice, stereotype threat, and micro-aggressions).

Becca Nimmer Marcus, M.S.W., LCSW. - Senior Staff Social Worker
Education: 1982 - University of Illinois, School of Social Work;  Commonwealth of Virginia, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Interests: Individual and group psychotherapy,  Mindfulness and  Meditation, personal growth and development, resilience, the mind/body connection,  interpersonal relationships,  diversity,  International student concerns

Colleen Reichmann. Psy.D. – Staff Psychologist

Education: 2014 Marywood University, Clinical Psychology
Interests: Individual therapy, group therapy, eating disorders, body image, women’s issues, self-esteem, trauma and recovery, relationship issues, training and supervision

Patricia S. Roy, M.D. – Psychiatrist

Education: 2008-John Hopkins School of Medicine, Residency; Commonwealth of Virginia Board Certified
Interests: college mental health, mood disorders, substance abuse disorders, chronic pain

2017 - 2018 Psychology Pre-Doctoral Interns

Annalucia Bays
Education:  Virginia Commonwealth University, Counseling Psychology
Interests:  Relational-cultural, interpersonal, and cognitive-behavioral therapeutic approaches; emerging/young adults and marginalized/underrepresented social groups; sexuality, race and ethnicity, anxiety, gender identity, relationship difficulties, sexual assault/trauma, family-of-origin, women’s issues, and other cultural factors; individual and group therapy; clinical leadership, supervision, teaching/training, program development, and outreach. 

Melissa Foster
Education: West Virginia University, Counseling Psychology; Clemson University, Counselor Education
Interests: Individual and group therapy, identity development, interpersonal relationships, military psychology, self-care, and relaxation/mindfulness

Stephen Casazza
Education: Radford University, Counseling Psychology
Interests: Group and individual therapy, anxiety and stress reduction, multiculturalism, self-injury and suicide prevention, identify formation and values exploration, interpersonal concerns, emerging adulthood development. 

2017 - 2018 Advanced Practicum Trainees

Tiren Parker
Education: Virginia Consortium Program in Clinical Psychology
Interests: Individual, couples, and group therapy, interpersonal/relationship concerns, family of origin concerns, trauma and recovery, multicultural issues, and women's issues

Peter Preonas
Education: Virginia Consortium Program in Clinical Psychology
Interests: Individual and group therapy, substance use disorders, health psychology, trauma and recovery, anxiety, mood disorders

Ryan Randall
Education: The American School of Professional Psychology, Argosy University, Psy.D. Program
Interests: Individual and group counseling, anxiety and depression, stress management, coping with chronic medical/primary care conditions multicultural counseling/identity development, and manic-depressive episodes