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Matoaka Boathouse

  • The Matoaka Boathouse will Open this Friday 4/12!  The water is still cold 48F, but warm enough to open this week with the warm air temps.  Paddleboards will not be available until the water warms further.  Regular hours will resume on Friday!
  • The Boathouse will be closed on Friday 4/26 for a private event.
  • Please observe all parking signs at the Matoaka Boathouse lot.
Fishing Notice
  • Before Fishing, please read the fishing regulations posted at the Lake and below in the Lake Matoaka & Boathouse Policies.
Lake Matoaka Boathouse

The Boathouse and Boathouse Attendants provide paddling opportunities on Lake Matoaka, including Sit-on-Top Kayaks, Recreational Kayaks, Stand-Up Paddleboards, Solo Canoes, and Tandem Canoes. Boats are limited and it is a first-come, first-served system. Come on down to the boathouse with a W&M ID during regular Boathouse hours and enjoy the lake.


Boathouse Hours (Once Opened)
Boathouse Paddle Sessions 

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday


Sat. Sun

(Family Paddle)


Matoaka Boathouse Information

Please note that the Boathouse will be closed during official school breaks.

Boathouse information
Matoaka Boathouse Seasons
  • Fall Semester
    • The Boathouse will open at the beginning of the fall semester and close in November for the winter.
  • Spring Semester 
    • The Boathouse will open when water and air temperatures are consistently warm enough to paddle. This date usually occurs in the weeks following spring break. Stay tuned for our official opening date!

  • Summer Semester
    • May 15 until TBA
Requirements for Checking-Out Vessels
  • William & Mary ID
  • Guests are welcome if accompanied by someone with a W&M ID.
  • All participants must sign a boathouse waiver before engaging in paddling activities. Waivers will be provided at the Matoaka Boathouse by boathouse attendants.
  • All participants are required to wear a Personal Floatation Device (PFD). The Matoaka Boathouse staff will provide fitted PFDs for all paddlers.

The Matoaka Boathouse is located near the Briggs Amphitheater. Follow the gravel road behind Miller Hall (Mason School of Business). Parking is to the left at the bottom of the hill (college parking decal required). The Boathouse is the green concrete block building closest to the lake.

Lake Matoaka & Boathouse Policies

General Rules:

  • NO Fires
  • NO Camping
  • NO Swimming
  • NO Alcohol
  • NO Littering


  • Recreational boating is only permitted during Matoaka Boathouse hours.
  • Special boating events may be scheduled and supervised through Campus Recreation.
  • Boating may also occur on Lake Matoaka as a part of official W&M courses, research, and training.
  • All boaters must have a W&M Id. or be accompanied as a guest of a W&M affiliate and check in at the Boathouse.
  • All boaters must sign a W&M waiver.
  • All boaters must wear a PFD while on lake. It must be fully zipped/buckled.
  • Personal boats may be launched during boathouse hours but must follow all of the same rules and must sign waiver.
  • Personal boats may NOT be stored at or near the waterfront.
  • Battery powered trolling motors may be used in personal boats.
  • Personal boats must be launched expeditiously and may not stay tied up to the dock.
  • No trailer launches are permitted. They must be carried from parking lot.
  • Fishing is permitted from the shore with valid W&M Id. & VA Freshwater Fishing License.
  • Fishing is prohibited from the dock and adjacent launch area. (You can recommend the Amphitheatre area if there is not an event)
  • Boat Fishing is only permitted for those on the Keck Lab Research Fishing List. or on the W&M Bottom Feeders fishing club (must be on the Bottom Feeder list)
  • No More than 4 fishing boats on the lake at any one time.
  • Anglers must follow all Matoaka Safety rules while paddling including but not limited to wearing a PFD, fully zipper/buckled the entire time on water.
  • You may check out a PFD for use on your personal boat if you do not have one. Be sure that it is returned.
  • Personal boats may only be launched at the Boathouse dock during boathouse hours.
  • W&M Id. and Waiver are required.
  • No trailer launches.
  • Personal boats may not be stored at waterfront.
  • Battery powered trolling motors are permitted on personal boats.
  • Campus Recreation boats may be used for fishing during boathouse hours.
  • Catch and release is highly recommended.

Contact Us:

Please email [[w|tap]] with any questions regarding the Matoaka Boathouse