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Exiting the University

In order to transition successfully from your position to outside of the university, please take action on the following.

Inform your supervisor of your plans to exit the university

Your supervisor or department administrator will complete an online clearance form to formally notify University Human Resources.

If you are transferring to another state agency, please ensure that you and your new agency [[AskHR, coordinate your start and end dates with UHR]] to reduce the likelihood of a break in service, loss of health coverage, and determine potential leave balance transfer prior to your departure.

Return any books, periodicals, keys, media, loaned equipment, including but not limited to computers, monitors and software, library cards, credit cards, university identification cards, and files.

Settle and resolve prior to your last day, all outstanding travel, salary, and cash advances as well as any miscellaneous accounts receivables, including but not limited to, payroll overpayments, telecomm charges, library fines, parking fines, and any other outstanding payments owing by you to the university.  The University may deduct and withhold from your final wages, including any leave balance pay-outs, all sums that are owing related to fines, charges fees, or unreturned any property.

University Human Resources will be verifying with each relevant department including those listed below to ensure you have no unpaid balances, unreturned items or outstanding tasks.

Parking Services

Pay all outstanding parking fines and returned hangtag and/or decal. Please note if you return your hangtag and/or decal prior to your last day of work, Parking Services will issue you a temporary parking pass. Parking Services can be reached at 757-221-2434.

Bursar’s Office

Pay all outstanding fines, fees, advances, and obligations due to the university. The Bursar's Office can be reached at 757-221-1220.

Information Technology

Return all equipment borrowed from IT, including conference phones and computing equipment (not equipment provided by your department). IT can be reached at 757-221-4357.

University Libraries

Return overdue books or other outstanding library materials. W&M Libraries can be reached at 757-221-3072.

Procurement Services

Ensure your buyW&M account is closed. If designated as a Contract Administrator, provide the name of the new Approver taking over duties. Procurement Services can be reached at 757-221-7636.

Required Small Purchase Charge Card Actions

Upload all receipts/supporting documentation. Sign off on any outstanding transactions. If Cardholder is also an Approver, provide the name of the new Approver taking over duties.

W&M Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)

Contact OSP administrator assigned to your department. Any employee who has funding from an outside entity must coordinate with OSP to confirm that all required reports and deliverables have been submitted. An employee who plans to transfer an award to another university must process the request through OSP. This generally applies to faculty only. OSP can be reached at 757-221-3966.

Reves Center

Clearance from Reves Center is required if (1) you are working at W&M with an H1-B or J1 Visa, OR (2) you are not a U.S. citizen or U.S. permanent resident. Please note: if you are a U.S. citizen and not here on Visa, you do not need clearance from Reves Center. The Reves Center can be contacted at 757-221-3437.

Statement of Economic Interest

If your position has been identified as required to file a “Statement of Economic Interest” and you are ending your employment in December or January, then you are required to complete the online form found at