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Virginia Cash Match Plan 401(a)

Eligible Employees

Classified  |  Operational  |  Executive  | 12-Month Faculty & Professional  |  9-Month Faculty & Professional

Full-time employees who contribute at least $10 per pay period to the 403(B) Tax Deferred Savings Plan or to the 457 Deferred Compensation Plan are eligible for an employer cash match.*  The cash match program offers a 50% employer match on one plan only, with a cap of $20 per pay period.

*Employees who are enrolled in the Virginia Retirement System Hybrid Retirement Plan must be contributing a total of 9% to the hybrid plan in order to be eligible for the cash match program.


Retirement@Work is available to active employees who participate in the Optional Retirement Plan (ORP),  or who are eligible to participate in the any of the 403(b) Savings Plans or associated Cash Match Plan.