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Educational Assistance

Eligible Employees

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William & Mary has an Employee Educational Assistance Policy that permits eligible faculty and staff to take advantage of educational opportunities. Participation in the program is by approval only. Please refer to the policy for specific details; general parameters are outlined below.

Who is eligible to participate?
  • Faculty and staff who participate in the VRS or ORP retirement program.
  • Hourly employees who are eligible for paid time off during the semester (hourly employees are notified each year if they are eligible for paid time off).
  • Eligible employees must be employed and actively working at the time they register for classes.
  • Eligible employees without an active disciplinary action on file.
How many credit hours can be taken?

Eligible employees who are approved for the program may receive a maximum of 6 credit hours in educational assistance for each semester and during summer session (all summer sessions combined).

Where can courses be taken?

An eligible employee may be approved to enroll in an academic credit course of instruction at William & Mary and have the current tuition paid for or waived within the terms of the policy. An eligible employee may also be approved to enroll in an academic credit course of instruction at an institution other than William & Mary and have the current tuition reimbursed under the terms of the policy, provided the courses are not offered at William & Mary and are directly related to the employee's job.

Are any courses excluded from the program?

At this time, stand alone special activity classes, courses related to online classes in the MBA, MSBA, Counseling Education M.Ed. programs, Geographic Information Science Certificate Program (GIS), and any third-party-managed courses are not eligible for tuition assistance.

Do employees need to apply and be accepted as a W&M student?

Yes, employees participating in the employee educational assistance program that are interested in seeking a degree are still subject to W&M admission requirements and other applicable policies and procedures. Non-degree seeking employees must complete the Non-Degree Seeking Application each semester. Visit for more information.

Where can I complete the Employee Educational Assistance Form?

An eligible employee must complete an DocuSign Form (this takes you to Banner Self-Service. Click on the "Employee" menu and select "Employee Forms") and provide it to their dean, department head, director or supervisor, who will approve or deny the request, prior to registration.

If you have questions about the Employee Educational Assistance Policy, please contact the [[Tax,Tax Compliance Office]].