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W&M Email Address Protection  |  Export a Calendar 

W&M Email Address Protection

To link a William & Mary email address in the event Contact, Summary or Full Description, start with a W&M Username (for example "tgriffin"). Prepend the W&M Username with a letter or department identifier and a vertical bar or pipe (|). Surround it with double square brackets, e.g. [[w|tgriffin]].

The combination of letter and '|' tells the events system into which W&M email format to convert the W&M Username according to the following rules:

A three column table with column headers


Converts to W&M email format:

[[w|tgriffin]] converts to


Converts to VIMS email format:

[[v|tgriffin]] converts to


Converts to Mason email format:

[[m|tgriffin]] converts to


Converts to CS email format:

[[cs|tgriffin]] converts to


Converts to Mathematics email format:

[[math|tgriffin]] converts to


Converts to Physics email format:

[[physics|tgriffin]] converts to

This works for linked phrases, too. For example [[m|tgriffin,The Griffin]] will make the text "The Griffin" a mailto link to like The Griffin.

Export a Calendar: Download or Subscribe

Calendars in W&M Events offer a dynamic iCal feed that can be used by your calendaring tool of choice — it can either be downloaded and used as a static import of current data only, or the URL can be used as a dynamic subscription address. An export button ( Export calendar icon ) is located on individual calendar homepages.

  • Click or tap on the button to download the current calendar data. The downloaded file will not update as items are added, deleted or edited in W&M Events.
  • Right-click and copy the URL of the button to get the dynamic web calendar address.

Location of the iCal button on calendar homepages.